September 30, 2022

Not sure if you caught my previous blog posts with behind-the-scenes highlights from the Flowerlounge tour of each city we visited:

Charleston, SC
Miami, FL
Austin, TX
Columbia, MD

Now I’ll get even deeper and tell you what I rarely tell anyone.

There is a side of doing these Flowerlounge events that most would never guess.

It can be super challenging.

There’s something about making a deep wish to benefit humanity, that makes these trips …

Breathtaking. Tear-jerking. Heart-warming. Pacifying.

At times it brings us to our knees with devotion. Other times it brings us to our knees because we’re incapacitated physically or emotionally.

Sometimes we get sick.

Sometimes a quiet, internal emotional storm passes through.

There’s something about the intensity of everyone’s wish that has a purifying effect.

Purification occurs in the form of injuries, vomiting, mood swings, jellyfish stings, hundreds of insect bites, you name it.

Like the time in Austin that Lisa leapt up from our morning meditation and ran to the bathroom. She spent the next few days purifying from both ends, curled up on a pull-out bed in the master bedroom closet, so nauseous she had to hide from the kitchen aromas.

Or that day before a Flowerlounge that Justin went pale and cold and thought he was going to die. He spent an entire afternoon in bed, then warmed himself up by baking in the sun before making a spontaneous recovery.

After flying to Austin, Alison & my niece had to stay back at the Airbnb and completely missed the Flowerlounge because of sudden illness.

For the first event in Maryland, Alan had to cancel at the last minute because his Mom fell sick and he stayed home to take care of her.

In Austin my back went crooked; for several days I had sharp shooting pains when I would sit, stand or walk.

The sheer volume of insect bites and jellyfish stings in Charleston made us itch furiously, uncontrollably. I was caught scratching my skin with a spaghetti spoon.

Emotionally, there are times we get pushed to the edge.

Exhausted. Irritated. And all of our buttons get pushed.

Being 5000% committed to riding the waves and caring for ourselves is necessary to withstand the intensity. And when someone else is having a rough time, we give them space to move through it – and look after them if they need extra tending.

It’s kinda like the occasional healing crisis when a particular flower elixir comes out of nowhere & nails one of your core wounds dead-center. ; )

In Maryland, a seed for deep transformation was planted.

Austin induced physical purification.

Miami accelerated emotional purification.

Charleston catalyzed mental purification & opened our hearts.

What keeps us stable is our daily meditation practice.

In April, each of us devoted ourselves to a daily love-embodiment practice, as an individual and collective preparation to strengthen and empower the Ripple that goes out with each offering.

As a part of the practice, each morning we’d visualize tsunamis of love rippling washing over the next city we’d be visiting.

The moment we arrived at our Airbnb at each travel destination, we’d do a smoke offering to clear any energetic residue from previous guests & remove obstacles for the week.

Then every morning during the week we'd sit together in meditation.

On our last day we’d do another smoke offering to clear anything dredged up over the week for ourselves, our clients, the event participants and the environment around us.

Daily practices like this keep us clear – and focus our intentions.

Why do I share all of this?

I guess because I want you to know that we’re human. And that we genuinely walk our talk.

It may always look like roses & orchids, but sometimes we are deeply challenged. Of course. Sometimes it helps to remember that: that everyone faces difficulties.

The awareness of that helps us stay soft, compassionate & less lonely.

And … devoting ourselves to something bigger than us — inspires us to no end.

Here’s to transforming the world from the inside out –

Thank you for being so devoted to flower essences & your own personal growth!

Waves of love & petals,