July 10, 2024

Taylor here!

In 2022, we traveled to 5 different cities for our Ripple the Void Flowerlounge Tour. At each event, Katie & Lisa each gave their own TED-Talk-on-Steroids-Style presentations to share about the impact of flower essences, mindful awareness practices, and 5-element & flower elixir-infused chocolate!

We stitched together two compilation videos of these presentations.

Let’s go back in time …

Austin, TX
July 27th, 2022
7:11pm, 1 hour & 11 minutes into the Flowerlounge event

Everyone had just taken their seats & Katie gave the grand Flowerlounge welcome. She shared the 3 reasons we were doing the Ripple the Void Tour and gave a snapshot into how the rest of the evening would unfold.

I remember standing at the back of the room. It was the first time my feet stopped moving since we arrived at the venue at 10 that morning.

Before revealing slide #1 of her presentation, she said:

I'm so excited to do this presentation because it's all the things that I’ve wanted to share for the past 20 years … but just wasn't ready to.

I noticed her voice shake.

Not in the way a voice would shake in someone who is terrified of public speaking.

No, not that at all.

It was like ...

Something was about to come out … something was about to be transmitted through her.

I saw it as:
Mother Earth wisdom was traveling up through her feet, dancing in her flesh body … and the shake in her vocal expression was the vibration of that.

You could sense in the depth of her being that what was about to be shared was something the collective needed to hear—right then & right there.

And each event was different; the people in Charleston, SC got something a touch different than the people in Miami ... it was always transmitted in the way that each group needed to hear it.

And I like to think that each person that showed up … they were saying yes to their divine duty to witness the information & carry it out into the world-–to heal the collective consciousness.

  • Invisible energies & botanical floral wifi
  • Different miasms in the world of energy medicine: Inherited (generational patterns), acquired (things we’ve learned from our experiences), planetary (collective consciousness)
  • Different practices, rituals & methods around the world where Mother Nature energies are used to heal the body
  • How we are like crystals and can amplify the energy of flowers
  • What she saw was possible with flower essences 10 years ago … and why she went a little crazy
  • Shockingly good before & after photos of people that take flower essences regularly
  • Why we only need 3% of the world’s population to work with flower essences to make a difference in the world
  • Why just YOU taking flower essences will also improve the lives of those you come into contact with

  • Her time with some of the greatest meditation masters of our time (& her time doing a retreat in a cave!)
  • What's with all the symbols on the chocolate
  • How the chocolate contains the 5 elements Chocolate meditations
  • And so much more!

I can't wait for you to watch the videos! My wish is that they remind you of how much unseen magic is in the human realm. May you be inspired!

Happy thoughts & flower petals,