December 03, 2017

Is it just me, or did the last Mercury Retrograde have you completely off kilter?!

Let me take you on a little journey of my love affair with Mercury Retrograde (I promise the outcome is beneficial!):

The first couple of days that Mercury was in retrograde, I felt like I could barely even find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning - I’m usually slow (and quite hesitant) to wake up, but not usually thisbad. My days were spent with flooding thoughts of my future, my past, and wondering what the heck I’m doing with my life. I was grumpy and just all around not in the right headspace, ya know?

So after about a week of feeling sorry for myself + allowing myself to indulge too much in my emotions, I remembered - wait a minute,I’m in charge of my own life …Duh, I don’t have to feel this way anymore, if I really don’t want to!

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So, I decided to “turn my frown upside down”, change my perception + approach to the cosmic changes … and honestly, I feel like I pretty much kicked Mercury retrograde’s ass!

I read up on this mystical “creature” they call Mercury Retrograde that had been ruining my mojo for weeks, and I realized that I was actually fighting against the motions of universe. All of the adversity and annoyances that I was feeling, was because I was not being open to the process + reading the signs.

Mercury Retrograde is basically a time to practice your prefixes - this is a time of “re-”:

Reboot - Revive - Reflect - Reconcile - Recover

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1. Reboot: Literally!
Mercury retro can be a time when your devices start to act up - so back your devices up!But more than a reminder to buy some more iCloud storage, this should be a time where you take a little break from technology. Plug your devices in to back them up, and then don’t touch them for a few hours - or, dare I say, a few days?!

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2. Revive: Your living space.

Nothing combats the hazy and mundane feelings that Mercury retro can bring more than cleaning + organizing! It sounds like such a tedious task, but once you get started (and even more so when you’re finished)you will feel like you can breathe again. No clutter ... just the calming breath of organized living areas. *sigh* Extra credit: try cleaning out + organizing your closet -don’t forget to donate those old clothes! 

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3. Reflect: On your past.

Mercury retro loves to play a little trick on us and take us down memory lane every once in awhile - this can sometimes lead to uncomfortable feelings - explore that! The trick is to make the time to reflect and feel. Looking back at your past can also be very comforting because it allows you to see how far you have come!

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4. Recover: This one might be the best reminder that Mercury retro can bring ~ make sure you are sticking to the essentials!

Get enough sleep every night (7-9 hours is ideal for most adults).
Make sure you are staying well hydrated ~  if getting enough water throughout the day is hard for you, try getting a super cute BPA free reusable water bottle to keep with you throughout the day + try some different water infusions! Spice it up and put some lemon, cucumber and mint in your water to make it a little bit more tasty!

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And lastly, Slow. Down.Take the time to relax and give your body a little break ~enjoy a detox bath + read a good book.

Think of Mercury Retrograde as a seasonal reminder to slow down + read the signs.It happens about four times a year, so you can even use it as an excuse to clean your closet out and get some new stuff! Listen to the universe + when it changes, don’t fight it - adjust your approach! Upcoming Mercury Retrograde dates, mark `em in your calendar!

NOW: December 3 - December 22, 2017

March 22 – April 15
July 25 - August 18
November 16 - December 06

Peace + petals,

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