March 26, 2022

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Unsure of where you belong
  • Surprising lack of stability in moments
  • Unnerving sense of groundlessness or unknown
  • Sense that society is unstable
  • Frustration or wanting to pull your hair out
  • Seeking family or community to truly belong to
  • Questioning who is truly your ‘family’


If you’re attracted to the delicate ornamental Pear Blossom, you may be feeling groundless, that you have no roots or that you’ve been ripped from your usual solid foundation. You may be questioning who is your true ‘family’ and who are the people you can sincerely rely on in moments of need.

In your quest for feeling a sense of belonging or stability, you may have moments of insecurity, worry or intense frustration. In these moments, you long to identify where you can put your energy where it will be merited, appreciated and cherished.

You may be living through a time where your community or society around you feels unstable and full of the unknown – or your sense of ‘belonging’ is shifting to more subtle levels.



Activate: Belonging
Message: Notice your stability.

The ornamental Pear Blossom (Pyrus calleryana) elixir awakens clarity around our true sense of inner belonging. It helps us identify where and how to plug in to a family, community or network of support. It settles us into a firm footing and foundation, encouraging us to find roots where we’ll thrive and flourish. We can allow ourselves to receive greater nourishment and sustenance through what we consider our roots.

Sometimes it’s necessary to experience the pain and suffering of feeling where we don't belong, in order to identify the contrast of where we do belong. Belonging can be a sense of inner comfort, a belonging to oneself, a belonging to a place or specific people or traditions. We can belong to the earth, the natural world and generally experience a greater sense of interconnectedness. On a metaphysical level, we may belong in the hearts of many loved ones who are physically far away; likewise, they belong in our hearts.

Pear Blossom nourishes our sense of stability, contentment and wisdom. It helps us align with our maturity as a human being so we can operate as a pillar of strength and a beacon of loving kindness.



Ornamental Pear trees are known for their abundance of showy white blossoms in springtime and the striking color of their leaves in summer (rich green) and in fall (blood red & purple). They bear tiny little fruits; however, they’re unlike the pears we eat as fruit. The trees grow 30-40 feet tall and are supremely hardy, able to withstand harsh weather and strong winds.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Belonging & contentment; Stability; Wisdom & maturity

DISSOLVES: Groundlessness; Estrangement & frustration; Feeling lost, alien or without roots


Love + flower petals,