May 29, 2023

As part of our release of Divine Truth, we hosted a Flower Power Happy Hour in our shop at the Self Arising Nature Center. We called in our local community to join us at our flower temple to be the first to experience our newest flower essence collection.

The entire shop & lounge smell like divine Palo Santo & Rose (the main scent profiles in Divine Truth), as we misted & anointed everyone at the door with Divine Truth. 

Chef Justin Booher was slinging mocktails at the elixir bar ... and the one he created for this special celebration knocked everyone's socks off. 

Here's the recipe:

Divine Truth Mocktail

2 oz Elderflower Tonic Water
2 drops Trace Minerals
4 oz Sparkling Water
6 drops Rose Water
.5 oz Lemon Juice
5 drops Divine Truth 
Edible Flowers

Mixing glass
Mixing spoon
Palo Santo stick
Serving glasses

Light the stick of Palo Santo until it flames up; blow it out so it smokes heavily. Turn the serving glass upside down, and then cover the smoking Palo Santo so it fills the glass.

As this is happening, mix all the ingredients in the mixing glass.

At this point, your serving glass should be filled with smoke. Turn the glass over, and as the smoke billows out, pour the drink into the glass.

Top with a flower and finish with 5 drops of Divine Truth!

What I love most about this recipe is it's so simple to make, but there's SO much complexity in the experience!

Love & divine flowers,