April 21, 2017

The Flowerlounge …
an altar of your own heart
to reconnect with what's most
precious to you

As we arrived in each new place, we made smoke offerings, burned precious herbs + made prayers to remove obstacles + create auspicious conditions for each event.

During each Flowerlounge, what was most stunning to me was people’s ability to show up in total honesty + radiance, to be completely themselves:

If they were having a hard time, they talked about it.

If they felt touched by something, they said it.

If they were moved to tears, they let them spill.

If their loved one died recently, they shared about it.

People’s hearts were so open! People were so vulnerable and themselves.Lately, there’s nothing I find more interesting than that.

And each group of people in each new place along the East Coast had such different energies + personalities. It felt as if specific elements really came through in each city.


In Baltimore, we had a meeting in the sky at the Skylofts and it was packed! During a particularly powerful meditation moment, the winds picked up and whooshed around the huge skylight windows, an affirmation from Mother Nature + the divine.

In B’more there was such sheer authenticity and willingness to be 100% vulnerable + present with whatever was arising - like looking at the wide horizon of the sky + seeing everything without hiding. Women shared with me deep grief, like the death of a son or daughter, pain of losing their house + the challenge of ‘being enough’. There were tears + laughter and the crystal clarity of being real. Real + raw + blessed to be alive. 

We had tons of food leftover in Baltimore; we were so happy to synchronistically drive by a shelter the next day that feeds 300 people daily. We met the sparkliest man ever + placed huge trays of shrimp, salmon, fruits + cheeses in his basket

To make wishes + prayers for Baltimore, we made our flower offering and tossed all the flowers + petals into the ocean at the Inner Harbor.

Special thanks to Kassi Buscher, Bianca Nise, Robert Stromberg, Jessica Eastern (photography) + the huge hearts of all the pearls from The Pearl Spa.



In Philadelphia we set up in an enormous dark theater where we made huge, exquisite, candlelit flower mandalas. It felt like being cocooned inside the earth, like fruits being made to ripen. And among everyone in Philly, it felt as if we were all unearthing precious gems from within.

It was also in Philly that so many people captured me with such conviction + looked deep into my eyes saying, “this is making a difference,”or “this has changed my life.

So often we don’t really understand how our efforts translate into true benefit, and the gift of Philadelphia was that it really landed in our hearts - of how impactful this movement is. We started to realize how profound this all really is … rich + dark, like digging our hands into the earth - the true nature of it all was unearthed

The Philly flower offering took place under the bridge + the full moonlight at the Delaware River. Onlookers joined in tossing flowers over each other’s heads in a blessing rain of flowers.

Special thanks to the beautiful hearts at Painted Bride Art Center for the joy of working in a theater!



New York City felt like fire + sparks - there was electricity in the air. Every person that came to Flowerlounge NYC felt like they were exploding with their own potential + sparkle. There was an intense, combustive quality in NYC that saturated every moment. I felt a deep resonance with so many of the people that came + my heart expanded in such a fiery way. The flaming intensity forged many friendships + relationships like fire strengthening metal.

Whatever discomfort manifested… the fire consumed and digested it all, transforming it into vibrant energy.  While we were in NYC, the culmination of the pink full moon instigated for the team: exhilaration, exploration, adventures, purification, coughing fits, fevers, tears, breakdowns + feeling all the feelings. We even cranked up the music + danced on the streets.

Our flower offering in NYC took place amongst children, helicopters + huge ferry boats at the East River. We showered people walking by with flower petals + made lots of people smile. People, especially children joined in, making wishes + tossing petals into the water.

Special thanks to Kaeli Astheimer, Dondeena Bradley, Carrie-Anne Moss, Kerri McCarthy + Chris Hurst  (photography), Tere of Rockin’ Raw, and Rasheed Gonga of Interface.



Boston was easy-going + flexible. Like water, there was sense of momentum + flow. We had two magical children helping us set up, which made it very special. Everyone who came seemed open + joyful. The whole evening was really soft + gentle + it felt like we were completely provided for - Boston has a nourishing quality.

In continuation with the water theme, Gloria, a most gorgeous woman that night, grabbed my arm and exclaimed about the momentum of the movement we are creating, “Ride that wave, ride that wave!

During this last flower offering on the Mystic River, we were all sort of speechless + floating in the magic of each other. We lay upon Mother Earth and reconnected, dedicating the merit of these amazing travels so that all beings may benefit.

Special thanks to Robin, Sebastian + Zoya Sandomirsky, Nicole Lewis, Megan Mitrokostas + Wendy Seale, Emilie Amstutz + Borealis Yoga, and Jenny Moloney (photography).

Extra extra special thanks to Devone Xavier King for traveling to each city, capturing the magic + putting together these videos for us!

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Love + flower petals,

katie hess