November 19, 2018

With all of the amazing new lines we introduced this year - not to mention AWESOME new team members - we decided it was time to put together an updated list of the LW Team's current favorite products, in case you're looking for a little inspiration this time of year!


First off, the Card Deck. For starters, it’s a great conversation starter during the holidays (even folks who don’t know anything about flower elixirs can get insights about their life or themselves). Have them choose the three flowers they are most attracted to for a magical “omg, how is this possible?” type of reaction, or do one of the oracle readings. I love the expanded oracle reading, which has cards for love, money, health, work, play and family. It’s a fun reading to do at the beginning of every new year.

Second, the Bath Salts. Any + all of them. Each one is beautiful, smells amazing + comes with a bath time meditation that you can listen to while soaking.

Third, I love all of our blends but lately I can’t get enough of Boundless Wisdom. It creates so much spaciousness for insights + wisdom to arise naturally, and frankly, who couldn’t use more insights?  ; )

radiant energy flower essence aromatherapy mist LOTUSWEI flower essences


Radiant Energy Mist

I have been soooo attracted to this essence since I have started working longer days during the week. It’s has such a rejuvenating scent. Periodically, I’ll feel run down from lack of sleep or being over-stretched, but the transition long days has has been significantly easier than I anticipated and I owe it to Radiant Energy! This essence gives me that push during the day that I need to keep working at 100% and staying productive. Lalalalalooove it!

Fierce Compassion Anointing Oil

I can’t get enough! It has been my favorite product since day 1 with Lotuswei. It’s the perfect size for a pocket or a purse. Super convenient! Bonus points for the GLORIOUS scent as well! Small side note: If you’re in a very public place and don’t wanna look weird showering yourself with a lovely mist but you need a little pick-me-up of your essence, the small roll-on bottle helps you be super subtle. Extra-extra bonus point, this all natural scent lasts the longest in this modality! Wooh!

Wild Abundance flower essence essential oil bath salts LOTUSWEI flower essences


Wild Abundance Bath Salts

These transport me to another dimension. I genuinely love all of our bath salts, BUT something about the Wild Abundance Bath Salt takes to me to another world of bliss and peace. The experience is beyond words ~ it's otherworldly.

Gamechanger Elixir

This elixir has totally transformed my life. I have this burning motivation to finally accomplish tasks I've put off, both short term and long term. It truly is a gamechanger for those who want to accomplish a lot, and need a real push. I dug boxes out of my closet from YEARS AGO and got. it. done!

Fierce compassion anointing oil flower essence natural perfume LOTUSWEI flower essences


Fierce Compassion Anointing Oil

Personally, I know that I rarely stop to acknowledge the ways I could turn my compassion inward. For example, when I’m tired, my instinct is to try to find ways to fuel up my energy tanks rather than leaning into the compassionate act of resting.

Every time I anoint my body with this luxurious oil, it feels like a profound act of self-compassion ~ and I think we could all use a little bit more of that magic in our lives.

EMBODY mist kit

If you’re the type of person that likes to get a bunch of little treasures our EMBODY Mist Kit will make six of your loved ones really happy. I love every one of the mists featured in this kit. There’s Gamechanger for the reluctant creative, Infinite Love for the busy mama, Joy Juice for the responsible care-taker, Wild Abundance for the hard-working entrepreneur, Radiant Energy for the energetically drained doer + Fierce Compassion for the self-care savorer in your friend/family circle.

joy juice flower essence elixir in winter LOTUSWEI flower essences


Joy Juice Elixir

This is one of those products that I ALWAYS have on hand in my bag. I use this year round- it keeps me upbeat and happy during crazy stressful times likes finals week.

Fierce Compassion Anointing Oil

I love this anointing oil all the time, but especially in winter. It feels like a hug and smells warm, velvety, and rich- everything I would want during the cold winter months!


My absolute favorite product right now is our Wild Abundance Serum.  I love making it a part of my morning routine, it's such a fun way to set some good intentions for the day, and it smells amazing!

If I had to pick just one of our bath salts, I'd have to go with the Joy Juice Bath Salt.  I love how it makes everything more bright and cheery, and adds a little pick me up to every bath I take.

quiet mind flower essence essential oil anointing oil LOTUSWEI flower essences


Quiet Mind Anointing Oil

I typically use the serum on my neck and shoulders every night, as that's where I store all my tension and it makes me prone to headaches. One day I felt one coming on and could only find the anointing oil ~ omg. I use the roller ball and dig in to the spot on my neck where my headaches start, and it is magic.

Boundless Wisdom Mist

When I'm consistent in using this blend, my life transforms. I'm more in tune with the deepest, truest parts of myself and am able to operate from that knowingness - I can more clearly act as well as connect with others. I keep the mist where I meditate and use it every morning, and usually have the elixir somewhere nearby so throughout the day I can get my 5 doses in!

So the Fierce Compassion Anointing Oil is definitely the new favorite here at headquarters, followed by the Bath Salts + Boundless Wisdom! Hope this helps inspire you/make your decisions this holiday season <3

Smiles + flower petals,