November 13, 2017

I don’t know about you, but every once in awhile - almost cyclically, I feel completely unmotivated. Especially after I finish up a big project, and have to begin another one ... or five. I find it hard to get my wheels greased again and hit the ground running. I always need some extra inspiration and a little kick in the pants, so hopefully some of these little routines + reminders will help you when you start to feel a little lack of motivation!

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1: Keep a list!

It always helps me so much to have a lists. As soon as something pops into my head that I need or want to get done, I write it down to make sure I won’t be left saying “omg, what was it that I wanted to do?!”. It always helps to have a list of what you need to get done + along with listing what tasks are the most crucial to be done first, second, last, etc. I like to use a monthly/weekly planner to keep my entire life in order so there is nothing that I will forget.

2: Neutralize any sabotaging thoughts, feelings, or people! 

When there is a lot to be done, we often get stuck on thoughts and feelings about how much work it’s going to require to accomplish your goals, what could go wrong or not the way you want it - and these are all sabotaging thoughts + feelings! The best way to dissolve these feelings is to recognize them first, and reflect on what it is that is causing a blockage between you and your flow. Once you recognize that this way of thinking is going to only hold you back, you will be able to stay focused on the task at hand.

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3: Keep a schedule // time-block

Along with your handy dandy to-do list, you should always keep your schedule in your planner. Scheduling in time blocks for when you are going accomplish certain tasks. This practice allows you to fully dedicate a time-frame to only *one* task. Although the ability to multi-tasking is very special ... it can actually result in less productivity with more distractions and a less thorough job being done.

4: Stay Positive + give yourself praise for a job well done

Nothing good has ever come easy to someone with a bad attitude. Even if there are setbacks to your goals (almost inevitable) - always remember that there is a reason for it, and always a lesson to be learned. We tend to get hyper-critical of ourselves when we start to realize how much work is required to actually reach our goals ...i t can be pretty demotivating to see how far you have to go, instead of how far you’ve come. Try to stay cognizant of these thoughts and use them as fuel rather than a deterrent.

Extra Credit:

If you find yourself stuck on a task with a bit of brain fog, pop a little piece of Wei Inspired Chocolate into your mouth for a delicious break + mindful meditation - just remember not to chew the chocolate ... take 2 mins to yourself and let the chocolate melt in your mouth and of course, it’s completely GUILT FREE (Vegan, dairy free, gluten free, soy free! ... but I promise not taste free) + each piece of chocolate has been infused with our Inspired Action flower essences! Full disclosure ... we have a subscription here at the office for 5 boxes/month :)

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5: Make it fun!

Since about age 3, I have been a firm believer that ‘for every task that must be done, there is an element of fun’ (shoutout to Mary Poppins). I have tried to carry this idea with me since the first time I learned that lesson, and it has helped me figure out a couple of ways to implement a bit of fun into my work routine. Some of the fun things that I like to do while getting the job done are:

  • Play some music  - nothing puts you into a better mood than some upbeat jams
  • Listen to a podcast! (Might I suggest a new one to add to your mix? The Flowerlounge Podcast with Katie Hess!)
  • Decorate your workspace ~ a workspace that has a little bit of your flair + personality around it, can really make all the difference in you feeling more comfortable at work, leading to more fun!
  • Build meaningful, lasting relationships with your co-workers (this one might be the most important). You spend a majority of your time with your co-workers, in most cases, probably more time than you spend with anyone else. So, it's important to not only have a good working relationship, but also, a friendship. There is nothing that I love more than being able to have a few laughs + pranks with my co-workers throughout the day. It keeps our spirits high, makes the day go by so fast, and always keeps our creative juices flowin'!
6: Inspired Action

Ok, ok. This one goes a little without saying, but I swear one of the reasons we get. SO. MUCH. DONE. is because of this magic potion! Infused with flower essences like Firestar Orchid, Red Bird of Paradise, Euphrasia and Chandelier Succulent, my favorite is the Aura Mist, with scents of Pink pepper, Jamaican bay & Citrus. So here's to staying motivated and making the most of every day! What are your go-to methods + tools?

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