April 12, 2019

Last week we did a mini cyanotype workshop with local artist Alison Van Wyck at the SAN Center/LOTUSWEI headquarters as a test-run for a workshop happening on April 27th!

It was everyone’s first time ever working with cyanotype ~ and it was so. much. FUN. Check out the photos below for the process + results!

First, you paint the chemical on, which you can do in many different ways.
Loved seeing how everyone expressed themselves during this process!

 Then, you collage your paper with whatever you're drawn to ... botanicals, flowers, gems, etc.
This part is done inside, away from the light!

Next, you let your creation sit in the sun for 5+ minutes, letting the sunlight work its magic and dance with the chemicals!

And then you rinse off the chemicals and you have your print!

It was so fun to follow our curiosity during this process ~
playing with adding + moving items, the angle of sunlight hitting the paper, sprinkling water on the surface.

Because the chemicals are so sensitive to sunlight, this is a biiiiiiig practice in letting go and finding beauty in the unexpected!

Want to explore cyanotype? Join us April 27th from 10am-1pm at the SAN Center! Click here for tickets. 

Not in the Phoenix area? Check out your local art center or try an at-home cyanotype kit!

Love + flower petals,