January 24, 2024

Every year I do an intuitive selection of flowers for the Flowerevolution program.

Based on the choices for 2024, I want to tell you about the themes for this year!

It's my best offering of a wildflower window into the future.

On Jan 17th, I hosted our biggest LIVE zoom gathering to share all the details ~ if you missed the LIVE call on Wednesday, here’s the recording! Passcode: 5@.h?z&C

This year is all about becoming a Beacon – and a new kind of Leader.


  • Seeing the truth and having the courage to make changes
  • Learning how to project your energy & voice in a new way
  • Communicating a wider message to more people
  • Thriving despite being in a challenging environment
  • Continual return to what’s most important to you
  • Consistent expansion despite others having a hard time

This year we’ll be most successful if we lead from the inside out, trust in our instincts and stand up for what we truly believe in.

The days of listening *only* to external leaders are over. This year is about listening to our inner compass, our internal divining rod and becoming the most powerful expression of our own personal style of leadership. It’s also about collaboration with a careful selection of other leaders to maximize impact.

If you want flower essence support to dive into a more powerful expression of your leadership, in the Zoom I share how wildflowers from the windy grasslands of rural Texas, to the harsh, hot Sonoran Arizona desert, to the chilly mountains of Nepal, can effortlessly clear away any obstacles & elicit your bold knowingness.

If you just want the highlights – I've included them below!

For each month:

  • Bullet Journaling Reflection Questions
  • Quote-Practice
  • Skills & Attitudes to Thrive
  • Flower photos, so you can see what is giving us a window into the future!

How to be a Beacon & Leader in 2024 - Create a Powerful Ripple Effect Current

Give yourself a snapshot & answer these two questions first:

  1. Where am I at right now? What’s happening in my life?
  2. What wants to emerge over the next six months?

FEBRUARY - Chicory

What am I resistant to seeing?

What if I could take charge more?

What if I were fearless enough to see the truth?

Fantasy is wishing something would go away. Reality is: you’re strong.

       ~ Karma Sangye Rapten

Skills & Attitudes to Thrive in February

Grab the bull by the horns. Be fearless enough to see the truth. Be gently honest with yourself.

Ask yourself: What am I avoiding? What’s real, plain and clear? Where is my numbness? Might have moments of: what happens when the numbness melts - but you’ll be strong enough to face it.

‘Fantasy glow’ is no longer so seductive - more important to make shit happen. Imagine if something really crazy happened … you would be more down-to-business, less pie-in-the-sky, less distracted, more focused on the bigger picture.

Face your fears. Hit the bottom and feel the strength of the earth. Once you hit the bottom, you’re no longer falling anymore; you can see the whole picture.

Put on your balls. Put on your big girl panties. Make necessary changes. Rein yourself in. Act like a King, a Queen, totally self-sufficient and ruling your life. Embrace what’s most important to you. Take the reins.

MARCH - Mullein

When do I experience unproductive irritation or friction?

How can I communicate more effectively?

What’s the benefit of projecting my voice and energy?

What relationships can I enhance with more listening & connection?

Observe your weakness. Observing is not just looking. It's ‘learning from’. Strive to improve it. Observe with laughter, otherwise you'll get too tight & think too much.

       ~ Karma Sangye Rapten

Skills & Attitudes to Thrive in March

Speak to be understood. Speak to connect. Listen to connect. Listen to understand (not just hear). Land your words. Be present with yourself when you speak. Be present with others when you listen.

Say yes to speaking opportunities. Public speaking, presenting to your team, any kind of expansion of what you do. Showing, demonstrating, being in a video, interview on a podcast - NOW IS THE TIME to use your voice - project - practice speaking.

APRIL - Ghostweed

When do I feel invisible, unseen, insignificant or wanting external validation?

What would be possible if I could allow more support?

What if I could embody a wilder, more powerful leadership style?

If I could communicate a message to a wider group of people — what’s my message?

"Every human, every day, looks for what they don't need. Browse & browse & browse. Leads to more thoughts. You’re always wishing for, wanting, missing & longing for what you don't need. You have everything you need."

       ~ Karma Sangye Rapten

Skills & Attitudes to Thrive in April

Develop your inner world through observation, meditation, contemplation. What do you believe in? What are you willing to stand up for? Take charge; rise above the rest.

Take on more leadership roles! Start putting more support in place so you can assume greater leadership.

MAY - Prickly Poppy

When do I take on responsibility for others’ struggle, even though they have created it?

Can I not get bogged down by others’ suffering? How do I stay in my own lane?

What does it feel like to assume that others have what they need to learn, evolve, grow?

No whimpering, no sulking. [Get up & do something, move it through.]"

       ~ Karma Sangye Rapten

Skills & Attitudes to Thrive in May

Allow others to struggle, fail, be stressed, learn and grow. We have to get good at that – at not taking on responsibility for others’ stuff. Stay focused on leadership; be easy-going & joyous.

Become impervious! In 2020, for some people it was their most lucrative, successful year. Don’t let external circumstances stop you from thriving.

JUNE - Spider Milkweed

What anger, rage, self-hatred or conflict have I buried?

If I could integrate my fragmented pieces into wholeness, what would that feel like?

If I could make friends with all parts of myself - what would that liberate within me?

Regard all suffering like a dream. Then, can dissolve it in an instant.

       ~ Karma Sangye Rapten

Skills & Attitudes to Thrive in June

Develop your ability to face things that are ugly. It’s ok to go down the rabbit hole sometimes. Transform inner demons & emotional poisons into wisdom. Make friends with all parts of yourself: from Fragmentation — to Wholeness & integration. See all sides of the complex story without judgment.

It’s better to see the truth, because then we can be prepared.

JULY - Nepali Daphne

When do I hesitate?

When have I felt lost?

What’s the boldest version of myself?

What does flourishing & thriving look like for me?

What is my true north - what consistently brings me back to the reason I'm here?

What am I 100% committed to?

Top 3 most important priorities right now / this year.

"By oneself, one destroys one's own suffering."

       ~ Karma Sangye Rapten

Skills & Attitudes to Thrive in July

When the path appears to be unclear, keep coming back to what’s most important to you.

If you want timely support from Mother Nature delivered right to your door – to catalyze your growth & support you in 2024, join the Flowerevolution. A monthly flower elixir stimulates insights, with a sprinkle of extra support in the form of a mist, oil or dark chocolate. More about that here.

Let us know if you have questions.

Love & flower petals,