Happy Year of the Wood Dragon!

January 08, 2024


Many are familiar with the zodiac animals of Chinese astrology, but did you know that each year also connects with an element? 

Starting on February 10th, we celebrate the year of the Wood Dragon! 

Each year, I welcome in the new year with Anjie Cho & Laura Morris of the Holistic Spaces podcast. In our discussions, we talk about the energy of the year ahead and give a forecast for each zodiac sign. I also provide personalized flower elixir recommendations for supporting each of the signs.

  • What to expect from 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon
  • The qualities of a dragon year 
  • The qualities of a wood year 
  • Forecasting for each zodiac animal
  • Flower elixir recommendations for each zodiac animal
  • How flower elixirs can support us in 2024

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    2024 Forecasts

    In this blog, you will also find a snippet forecast for each zodiac sign and your recommended flower elixir support. 

    Scroll down until you find your Chinese animal to discover how to tap into good fortune and ease in the year of the Wood Dragon!


    • Clean or tidy up your house! 
    • Do a space clearing, like a Palo Santo or Sage smudge. 
    • Orange represents wealth + abundance. Bring 9 fresh oranges into your house (or gift them to others!) or spritz your home with Joy Juice Mist which has sweet orange oil! Or bring in fresh flowers! 

    Love + flower petals,