August 11, 2017

Campsis grandiflora
Activate: Effortless speech
Message: Free your voice.

Trumpet Vine has little tendrils that grab on to anything and climb up walls. Bees buzz in and out of the flowers, and hummingbirds zoom through space, poking their long slender beaks into the trumpets for nectar. The flowers open their mouths in song with voluptuous, caricature-like lips. Since I was a child who had a tendency to be shy and found it difficult to speak my mind, this flower often called my name.

trumpet vine LOTUSWEI flower essence

Why It's Special

There are two kinds of Trumpet Vine, one that’s native to China (Campsis grandiflora) and one that’s native to the eastern United States (Campsis radicans). Also known as Trumpet Creeper, this vine grows vigorously and blossoms into large trumpet-shaped flowers in the brightest of reds, oranges, and yellows.

The Chinese variety has the largest flowers and is not quite as invasive as its American sister, which has been known to swallow entire buildings and trees if not guided through pruning. To avoid damaging houses or strangling trees, you should plant this variety away from them. Their green tendrils grab on to surfaces and quickly turn into a woody vine. After the flowers die, long seedpods emerge and fall off the vine. When you prune the plant, gloves are recommended, as it can be irritating to the skin.

trumpet vine LOTUSWEI flower essence


What it Reveals


If you’re attracted to the Trumpet Vine flower, you may be struggling to speak with ease. You may feel blocked in the throat or hesitant in your speech. Perhaps you need to have a difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding, or you tend to avoid difficult conversations altogether.

Being drawn to Trumpet Vine usually indicates a general fear of speaking and public speaking. You may want to develop your singing voice and your vocal projection.

trumpet vine LOTUSWEI flower essence



What the Elixir Catalyzes


The Trumpet Vine flower dissolves blockages and self-limiting patterns regarding speech and communication. It cuts through fears of speaking up, while magnifying our ability to speak freely about what’s inside us, even if it’s a difficult conversation.

Trumpet Vine also helps us develop and refine our singing voice. It enhances our comfort with being heard and being seen by other people, and even by large audiences.

trumpet vine LOTUSWEI flower essence


In Essence


{Magnifies}: Ability to speak freely about what's inside you; effortless communication even during difficult conversations; enhanced singing voice

{Dissolves}: Fear of speaking and being heard; communication issues; avoidance of saying what needs to be said

Experience the Magic of Trumpet Vine!
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