December 20, 2017

Do you feel like you are ready to spring forward?

The Lady's Mantle flower essence infuses you with fresh energy so you can:

  • Break out of your usual norms + routine and pioneer a new path.
  • Dissolve apathy, boredom and the doldrums.
  • Revitalize your childlike essence, giving you a fresh perspective on what you're experiencing.
Lady's Mantle is found in our Open Heart blend

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Collection Story

We had been traveling throughout Iceland for about ten days and we became familiar with the flora + fauna of the great volcanic island. One of the flowers growing most often near waterfalls and hot springs was Lady’s Mantle. We spotted it on our hike up the mountain to visit a hot springs river, its fluorescent chartreuse exploding on the hillsides along with the gurgling of steam vents and boiling water heated from the earth’s core.

Iceland hot springs Katie Hess LOTUSWEI flower essences

There are few places I’ve been to where I so powerfully felt the essence of Mother Earth.

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Add to that the exhilaration of peeling off your winter clothes and stepping into a steaming hot springs river after a long hike up the mountainside.

Iceland hot springs Katie Hess LOTUSWEI flower essences

What It Reveals

If you find yourself attracted to Lady’s Mantle, you may be ending a winter season, either literally or metaphorically. After having endured many challenges, you are ready for spring. And—you are ready to spring forward and not be held back in any way. Projects that may have slogged along and bogged you down are ready for a fresh infusion of energy. You may have felt limited or slowed down, and you are now ready to break free of all boundaries and pioneer a new path.

If not specific projects or aspects of your life, it can indicate a desire to break out of your usual norms and routine. It can facilitate a more outgoing, uninhibited approach in areas you might previously have kept under wraps or been more conservative.

Lady's Mantle LOTUSWEI flower essences Iceland

What It Catalyzes

Activate: Pushing past boundaries
Message: Nothing can stop you.

Lady’s Mantle elixir promotes emphatic engagement with life and our surroundings. It helps us push past boundaries, get outside our comfort zone and forge the way. It dissolves apathy, boredom and the doldrums, and helps us feel energetic, cheered up and excited. It revitalizes our childlike essence, giving us a fresh perspective on what we’re experiencing today.

Just as a flower leaps out of the ground in spring,Lady’s Mantle helps us conjure up and express joyful, fresh energy from within ourselves, helping us expand in unique new ways.

Lady's Mantle LOTUSWEI flower essences Iceland

Fun Flower Facts

Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla alpina) is a vibrantly-colored chartreuse flower the shape of a star expanding out to eight directions. Found mostly in the Alpine circle, as well as in the altitudes of the Himalayas, it blooms during the summer and is sometimes referred to as Lion’s Root.

Native to Asia and Europe, the Lady’s Mantle dew drops or leaf tip sap was said to promote conception and awaken the woman’s life-giving power in her womb. Lady’s Mantle has been used as a traditional herbal remedy for excessive menstruation.

The plant’s leaves are water repellent and, aside from therapeutic use, the water droplets were also said to have been coveted by medieval chemists (or alchemists) in their efforts to turn iron into gold, because these dew drops were considered the purest form of water that existed.

Lady's Mantle LOTUSWEI flower essences Iceland

In the 16th century, Lady’s Mantle root was infused into wine as a styptic, to heal internal and external wounds, while the fresh herb was made into a gentle tea to heal broken bones in babies. The tightening and astringent qualities of Lady’s Mantle were said to turn women back into virgins, as well as firm up saggy breasts. In other references, it was recommended to put a piece of the fresh herb under your pillow to get the best night’s sleep.

In Iceland there are two varieties of additional Lady’s Mantle, alpine and fairy Lady’s Mantle; there the plant is called Ljónslappi.

Lady's Mantle LOTUSWEI flower essences Iceland

What People Are Saying

"The first day I took it I felt happier right away and I realized I was smiling and laughing like a child. I developed a sunnier disposition and became more engaged with my surroundings. I even went for a walk around a lake and found the experience very healing and rejuvenating. It's like drinking sunshine. I now feel more lighthearted and young at heart. I also find myself laughing more often and being more lighthearted. Highly recommend." —Diana A.

Lady's Mantle flower elixir LOTUSWEI flower essences

In Essence

Magnifies: Explosive joy; engagement with life + surroundings; pushing past boundaries

Dissolves: Boredom; apathy; dread

The Lady's Mantle flower essence is found in our Open Heart blend

Infused with a flower essences for vulnerability, freedom & heart alignment, Open Heart helps us dive deep into vulnerability, seeing the truth, slowing down enough to address what IS—and having the energy to maintain a child-like curiosity with even the most challenging aspects of our lives.

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Push past your boundaries + expand into yourself with the magic of Lady's Mantle flower elixir!

Love + flower petals, 

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