November 28, 2014

Are you needing a reminder of what is truly important for us in life? 

Holiday Cactus Flower gets you back to what really matters so you can create a luminous legacy:

  • Let go of the daily grind so you can ask the greater questions
  • Magnify generosity, kindness, a sense of service
  • Understand the ripple effects of even our smallest actions
Holiday Cactus elixir is found in our Divine Timing blend:


Usually I wildcraft flower essences (collect them in the wild), but I made our Holiday Cactus flower essence from a plant that has been in my family for over 100 years! 


holiday cactus flower essence lotuswei

The family plant is now in the care of my mother, who is an absolute green thumb. She can pinch and pluck at plants and they just love her and grow like crazy.

I didn't inherit her green thumb, or rather I haven't developed my gardening gene yet; I've been more interested in the healing element of flowers and reaching the masses with it. But my mother loves gardening and is very good at it. She communicates with plants in her own down-to-earth, practical way - and they totally adore her.

The Holiday Cactus flower is an exquisitely luminous white, and shockingly bright fuchsia flower. It is a soft succulent cactus pieces (no prickers) that hang down in a gentle way. The flower looks like a flower inside a flower, and in the center many many soft white stamens emerge with a bright pink pistol. The stamens are glowing and iridescent. 

The Holiday Cactus has also been called December Cactus and Christmas Cactus, because it typically blooms in December. It only blooms when there is 12-15 hours of darkness at night, so it starts blooming in November or December and blooms through equinox until there is too much daylight. It has precise timing, because wintertime tends to be when people are more introspective. 


holiday cactus flower essence christmas cactus lotuswei

This festive, candy-cane-colored flower is one of the best flowers for planning out your legacy. It raises questions in your mind - and a different kind of awareness. It magnifies a sense of gratitude and helps you introspect on what you'll leave behind. It has you take a look at what you learned and appreciated from your family lineage and what you pass down to further generations.

Holiday Cactus flower helps us let go of the daily grind and distractions so that we can ask ourselves those greater questions and make sure that we're operating from that place in our lives. It dissolves dizzying chaos, and cuts through mindlessly doing things without an awareness of the bigger picture.

Holiday Cactus Flower Elixir magnifies generosity, kindness, a sense of service and a more ever-present mindful-awareness of the domino effect of what we do on a daily basis.  It helps us get clear on what's truly important to us in life. It highlights the profound importance of all the little things we do and enhances awareness of the ripple effects that we create with our actions.


flower essence for introspection and legacy lotuswei

All the seemingly tiny or insignificant things we do in life are incredibly important - every single one of them. Every time we do something, we're solidifying a habit, whether that habit is precise or sloppy, negative or positive.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

Also, we can uproot patterns backwards and forwards, meaning that if we're able to uproot a self-limiting pattern in our own mind, it will help our parents and siblings just as much as it helps our children.

And if you believe in karma, all of our actions matter in a cause-and-effect way. A simple example is: you see water on the floor in a public space. You take the time to wipe it up. You might have just saved someone from slipping and falling and hurting themselves.

Holiday Cactus Flower Essence elixir helps us have 'big mind', and the motivation to benefit others through our actions, whether directly or indirectly.

The best time to take the Holiday Cactus Flower Elixir is when you have a little more reflection time than usual - anytime you want to reflect on your life, and how your daily actions add up to one big luminous legacy.


Holiday Cactus elixir is found in our Divine Timing blend:

Root your vision into embodiment. Manifest your legacy & unleash the ripple effect. Love without attachment.

Divine Timing flower elixir essence blend


While you are taking this elixir, here are 11 Questions to Ask Yourself to explore your legacy and get clear about what you envision creating for yourself in the coming months.

Most people have a little down time during the holidays + find it a convenient time to take this elixir and ask these important questions. Sooo ... you up for it?  ; )

Love & flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI