December 21, 2019

This year two people in my house have a fever. The rest of us — and the sick ones — are loading up on hot teas, colloidal silver, and following this natural remedy protocol

Holiday times, like life, are full of complexity. As beautiful humans, we can have a whole range of experiences — simultaneously! 

There can also be:

Excitement to share food with loved ones. 
A sense of being rushed or overworked. 
Wild joy to see certain family members or friends. 
Irritation. Exhaustion. Compassion. Gentleness.
Deep conversations. Shallow conversations. 
Feeling understood. Feeling misunderstood. 
Really good food and full bellies. 
Overeating. Too much drinking. Loud family members. 
Loneliness. Wondering about long lost friends and how they are experiencing the holidays. 

Or in my case … 

There can be sickness. Fevers and coughs. Taking care of sick ones. 

Slowing down to rest & nourish myself and boost my own immune system. 

This is just a quick note of encouragement to say: 

It’s totally normal and human — to have many different types of experiences over the holidays. 

Just like a big elaborate meal, you might have something nourishing that makes you feel content and cared for. 

Followed by bite or swig of something that makes you feel overwhelmed or sick to your stomach. 

That’s what makes life so beautiful - our colorful palette of experiences. 

If things feel a bit crazy or overwhelming,here’s a very quick & easy practice to create a tiny moment of spaciousness for you — no matter where you’re at or when. 

You can do it anywhere and if you’re stealth, no one will even notice you’re doing it.

It’s what I call the Purification Breath.  

The benefits? 

Less of all this: 

Food sensitivities 
Monkey mind 
Taking on energy or stress from other people 

It also helps your body better expel different kinds of toxins. 

AND it’s extremely simple. Here it is: 

Your inhale is normal and natural, through your nose. 

The exhale is where all the magic is. 

You blow the air out through your lips slowly and softly until ALLLL of the air in your belly is full expelled. You might need to squeeze your belly in a bit (bringing your navel toward your spine, compressing your organs). Do this three times in a row.

Repeat these three breaths as many times as you can remember during the day. 

Use this as an anchor to come back to — especially for those moments when you feel overwhelmed. 

Happiest of Holidays to you — or rather — enjoy the full range of human complexity and experience during this time.  

Bring your sense of humor and patience along for the ride — and maybe a little Joy Juice.  ; ) 

Love & flower petals, 

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