Sacred Datura is a desert moonflower that falls into the ‘poison cures poison’ category. Though toxic to the body in plant form, as a flower essence it actually helps us release toxins - mental, emotional, physical. It helps us cleanse energetic debris through the breath and boosts our lifeforce. We’re better able to sit with sadness, frustration, fear or overwhelm, until we reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Like bathing in moonlight, we transmute our ‘dark night of the soul’ into strength and wisdom. Read more here!






Do this breathing practice as many times during the day as you can.

Purification Breath Instructions:

Breathe in naturally, then breathe out slowly through the mouth until alllll the air in your body is expelled from your belly. Do this three times.

You might cough -- that’s ok. Your belly might tighten up a lot -- that’s normal. The idea is to get all the air out. During this process you can either relax your body or you can tighten up your ‘mula banda’ or anus, by squeezing the muscles up, as you exhale your breathing.

Originally I worked with tightening up while I did my exhale breathing, and then I tried it the other way and decided I preferred to relax my whole body as I exhale. See what works best for you.

Do this type of exhalation before your meditation, before you go to sleep or when you are nervous. Do this after being around lots of people, or when you feel energetically oversaturated with other people’s energy. Do this after eating foods that set your body into a bloated state. Try to do this type of breathing as often as you remember during the day.

Some side effects you may notice: If there is other air stuck in your body, it will sometimes be expelled in the form of a burp or passing gas. This is a good thing. Many diseases and imbalances are caused by toxic air and gasses getting stuck in different parts of the body. Ask any Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and whether it’s guasha, cupping or herbs, they are likely trying to rid your body of excess or wild ‘wind’ energy.

Over time if you employ this daily practice, as many times as you remember during the day, you may also discover other pleasant side effects such as a flatter tummy, less gluten intolerance and in general less issues with weird food allergies or bloating. Try it and see what other benefits you experience in your body and mind.

Learn more on how this Purification Breath practice can support you here.



By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

Let it move through.
I can rest and be patient.
I’m open to seeing things in a new light.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, feeling light and free. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!



Click here for the 'Cleanse of Energetic Debris' transcript.

Click here for the 'Let It Move Through You' transcript.



Apply Fierce Compassion Anointing Oil to Du 4 - Ming Men / "Gate of Life"

Location: Below the 2nd lumbar vertebrae, along the spine.

Indications: Connects with the ming-men fire, our eternal flame or inner pilot light or burning intuition, which resides in the kidneys. Ming men is "The light through the tunnel." Du 4 also nourishes + detoxifies the kidneys.

The Du Channel specifically gives us support to stand tall and gives us strength, integrity and a strong foundation.

Supportive point for detoxification and excessive yawning is Liver 3 (between the first and second toe).

Learn more about Erin’s work and book a 1:1 consultation with her here.



What creates overwhelm in your system?

What practices (historically or currently) clear your overwhelm?

What does ‘dark night of the soul’ signify to you?

What practices can you engage in to support a gentle body/mind cleanse?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Sacred Datura Support Guide here.



Sit in the sauna.

Drink lots of water.

Take detox baths: 2 cups of epsom salts + 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide.

Jump in a lake, river, pool and let the water cleanse you.

Add chlorophyll to your water to enhance your body’s ability to intake oxygen.




Anointing Oil LOTUSWEI flower essences



Wholehearted Presence.

I will help you:

  • Know your self-worth
  • Unravel underlying wounds of the heart + release emotional baggage
  • See clearly how you nurture and love yourself + others

Use me when:

  • Get hooked in emotional commotion, power struggles or drama
  • Hold onto old stories of unworthiness, betrayal, resentment + abandonment
  • Feel uncomfortable with intimacy + close connection with others



    Teaching 1 - Cleanse of Energetic Debris

    So, we're out on the Tonto National Forest in Arizona. All around is desert, with the exception of this stream, and so Sacred Datura grows in washes, in the sides of roads, where people really need it. And it flourishes during the hot and fiery summer months. In the last few days since the full moon eclipse, it's been 111 degrees Fahrenheit.

    And typically the plants that flourish during these times have the ability to help burn things out of us. Whether that's in our psyche, in our body, in our minds, in our hearts. And if you're taking the Sacred Datura elixir, some of the things you may notice is physical changes in your body. You may notice that you feel like drinking more water, or that you are having more dreams or nightmares.

    The subconscious, the psyche, can sort of dump things by having nightmares or high intensity dreams. You may wanna look at what issues are arising when you do have dreams. You might wanna have a dream journal, just so you can see, hmm, what are those things that were sort of churning under the surface without me knowing that they were there?

    Physically, you may notice that your body goes to detox some kind of symptom of something that you experienced a long time ago, 5, 10, 20 years ago.

    For example: I injured my foot while dancing several years ago and I noticed that there was something sticking in my foot in that area where I had injured it, almost like the last little bits of scar tissue were, or adhesions were softening or releasing. And what you can do if you notice that is also to look for what the emotional cause is behind that physical symptomatology, to know what kind of habitual patterns you are releasing.

    So, in my case, actually it wasn't dancing, this story is kind of embarrassing. It was in the early days of dancing, and I was really mad at myself that I wasn't a better dancer faster. So I have the habit of being really hard on myself. And after dancing one night, it was really late, I was in my car and I wanted to stretch my toes before I drove home. Stretching my toes and I was so mad at myself that I overstretched them and crack, you could hear my kind of tendon or something rip in my foot.

    Anyway, it took like six months to heal and it was this whole ordeal because I had to travel and carry suitcases and go places and limp around. And it was this sort of constant reminder of, wow, I actually did this to myself. I injured myself on purpose, I wasn't even dancing because I was so mad at myself that I wasn't better. And I'm sure that you can relate to that kind of feeling.

    And if you notice that any sort of physical symptoms arise as you're working with the Sacred Datura elixir, reflect on what may have caused those physical symptoms as well. You may notice emotional patterns arising. Observe what it is that is bugging you underneath the surface. These are things that you may not even be aware of, they're kind of in your subconscious.

    The Sacred Datura is a really beautiful plant, the leaf shape is gorgeous. The stems are kind of purple-y. It is quite exquisite when you see it up close, and I find it interesting that it's always growing where humans need it. Where there's been some kind of destruction and so that ties back to our inner landscape, when have we experienced some kind of hardship or challenge.

    And so, the question for this week is:

    What is underneath the surface?
    What is Sacred Datura helping you acknowledge?

    And in the simple acknowledging of it, you're releasing it and releasing the last little remnants of charge. Whether that's physically, energetically, in your subconscious, emotionally.


    Teaching 2 - Let It Move Through You

    Sacred Datura elixir is for when we feel overwhelmed. It's when we're just feeling sort of all blown out and there are a lot of things obviously going on right now that may contribute to you experiencing that, whether it's the health situation, censorship situation, feeling free, feeling not free, being able to speak your mind, not being able to speak your mind.

    Whatever the issues are that you are experiencing, it's a lot what everyone is going through right now. And Sacred Datura is coming right at the precise moment to help us really work through all of that with more capacity, with more facility. So it's for those days when you come home and you just feel like ugh, full of something right?

    And so the question for this week is: what are those practices that you engage in that can help you move things through?

    Whether it's movement, swimming, Tai Chi, walking in nature, drinking extra water, sitting in the sauna. I sat in the infrared sauna the other night and it was nothing short of spectacular. I was amazed at how much better I felt after just sitting in the sauna for a while.

    Whether it's juicing or drinking ginger tea, what are those practices that you love to turn to, to help you cleanse your body and mind? It's important to really put some effort there to make yourself not only feel better but since the Sacred Datura is working, it's magic in the background and really helping you sort of scrape out all that stuff.

    It is helpful then to also help it along by these means or methods to cleanse the body and the mind.

    So the question for this week to reflect on is what are those activities or practices that you can lean into that help you dump from your brain, from your bloodstream, from your lymphatic, from your body, from your energetic system when you are feeling overwhelmed.

    What helps you let go and feel more free?

    P.S. You might notice that your elimination patterns are different. So, you might be pooping differently or at different times or in a different way than you're used to, and also if you're a woman, your periods might be different, you may notice a different quality or that they're extra fierce or strong. We've even had some women say that they are having an extra day of bleeding apart from their period. So you may notice different patterns of elimination.

    Embrace it, enjoy it, let all that stuff go.