Native to Southern tropical India, Clock Vine has also been called lady’s slipper vine, because of it’s huge, boldly-colored pendant flowers. Clock Vine magnifies our ability to reveal ourselves, bare-all and be vulnerable. It allows us to be a direct channel from our hearts, expressing from the deepest parts of ourselves, sometimes through fierce speech. It dissolves the fear that what’s inside is scary/ugly, so that we can open up + speak our mind. It strips away pretenses and softens resistance to unveiling ourselves to others + the world. Read more about Clock Vine here!




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By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I trust myself
I find courage in vulnerability
It is safe for me to be fully exposed
Directly channeling my heart is exhilarating
Revealing the deepest parts of me is healing

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, discovering the magic within. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!

Clock Vine LOTUSWEI flower essences



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What have I not wanted to confront within myself?

What makes me feel really vulnerable?

When has it been OK for me to share the deepest parts of me?

What am I about to step into + how is it aligned with my highest benefit or potential?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with questions, practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Clock Vine Support Guide here.

Clock Vine LOTUSWEI flower essences



Practice 20 minutes of stream of consciousness writing each day to explore what is going on at the subconscious level of your being.

If you have a hard time emotionally, practice allowing yourself to fall apart or cry + feel the feelings. Just observe + feel vs. having to figure out, understand or do anything about it.

Give yourself permission to rest/sleep. Allowing your body time to reset is vital for processing whatever it is that to this point has been buried/hidden.

Reach out to others. Someone who can truly, deeply listen without giving advice. Someone you can sit with.

If you were wildly courageous, what would you let go of + what would you step into/toward what would you move closer?

Cook yourself nourishing foods.

Clock Vine LOTUSWEI flower essences









Clock Vine ~ Vulnerability

So lately I’ve been having some really tough personal experiences and what I’m noticing as I’m taking the Clock Vine elixir is that the true, raw magic of this flower is to give you a direct channel into your heart, the deepest recesses of your heart. And also to have it be ok to be totally vulnerable. How that’s played out for me is that when I’m taking this elixir, it’s possible that I”ll just totally fall apart in front of other people, have tears stream down my face. Whereas I’m usually a really private person and if I have something going on I kind of, you know, suffer it out alone. The Clock Vine helps you feel like it’s all ok; you don’t need to explain what’s going on, you don’t need to tell the story, it’s just ok feeling what you feel. It’s ok being vulnerable, it’s ok wearing your heart on your sleeve, it’s ok if you just sort of crumble. And it’s ok if people see that. There is a beauty in being vulnerable, and crumbling and falling apart. And there is a poignancy in allowing others in to see that, to see the crumbling and the falling apart. And that’s a totally human experience! There’s nothing wrong with it, there’s nothing to hide. And there’s nothing to explain. It’s just like, wow, there’s all this raw emotion: I’m unafraid to show that this is what I’m feeling, this is where I’m at, this is what my heart is full of at this moment in time, and allowing others to be apart of that, to see that and to be with you in that moment. That is the magic of Clock Vine.

So, literally, I’ll be in a team meeting and just tears stream. Or I’ll reach out to people that I normally wouldn’t reach out to and just express myself in a totally honest, heartfelt, vulnerable way. Or share with people that I normally wouldn’t share with that I’m going through this really hard time or I’ve had this really challenging experience. And the beauty of being able to be vulnerable ~ there’s so many reasons why. First and foremost with ourselves, that we can just be ok in our own experience, that we can be ok with really intense emotions. That we can be ok landing in our heartspace with a landscape of oftentimes pain or heartache. And that it’s all ok. Being able to sit with that with ourselves. But being able to do that with other people forces a huge level of self-compassion, and it automatically inspires the person who is witnessing that to experience compassion, and sort of touch base with their own heartspaces.

Being vulnerable, being honest about whatever you’re experiencing in your heart, is really a gift. It really brings us closer together, it strengthens our relationships, it makes us all feel more human. It opens up avenues of support for us that we didn’t realize; people that we not previously have seen as support, become support. And it’s not because we told them all of our problems and they know everything that’s going on ~ they may not know anything ~ but just being able to allow them to be a witness into whatever your experience is, just sort of raw emotion coming out of your heart, helps us feel a lot more human and supported.

That is the tremendous magic and activating quality of the Clock Vine. So the question for this week is: What is an experience in your life, that you’re experiencing right now, that immediately brings you into your heart? Or that in some way makes you feel vulnerable.

Just getting in touch with that. And how does it feel sharing that with someone else, or if someone else is a witness to that?



Clock Vine ~ Openness to See

I’m sitting under a tree and the cicadas are singing quite loudly in the background, you might be able to hear them! I just wanted to talk a little bit about this notion of being open to seeing things in our lives. I think it’s pretty common that we have elements in our lives that we’re not perfectly 100% happy with, because things are always changing. And sometimes we don’t want to see some element that’s in our life. There may be little things going on, relationships with people, something at work, something inside ourselves, something that’s causing us a very low level suffering that we’re just not really wanting to see or to look at.

And so with the help of Clock Vine, one of it’s magical superpowers is to help open us up gently enough so that we can see. It’s interesting that it would help us confront certain things that we may not be willing to confront otherwise. Confront is such a funny word ~ it doesn’t have to be a confrontation, it’s really more about seeing, being open to. I think in our culture we’ve gotten so used to doing, doing, doing, not only physically, but mentally. It’s almost like we feel like the more we think, the more we do! And the more we exhaust ourselves. So oftentimes we’ll think about doing something 50 times before we even actually do it. Which is just exhausting.

So this particular recording, I would like be mindful of the fact that it’s not about doing, in the least. Any kind of insights you can get from this recording, are not about having to do something about it. It’s only about openness to seeing. There’s no action that comes out of that. It may arise, naturally, like the way the grass grows up from the ground, simply and naturally. An idea may just come to you like a light bulb turning on, or a situation in your life may present itself or unravel itself or improve itself. So we’re open to all of those things. But the whole point of this exercise is only to be open to seeing, and that’s it. There is nothing to do, nothing to solve, nothing to fix, nothing to take to the next step, no to-do list, no step by step process, none of that.

It’s really just about openness. So as you’re listening, see what comes to mind if you were to ask yourself the question, “Is there anything going on in my life that I have been avoiding? That I’ve not really been willing to deal with, not wanting to see. Some low level strain or tension, I should do something about it, I have a sense I should do xy or z. But I’m just sort of avoiding it, just sort of pushing things under the rug, just waiting.” And if it helps to write down or put a little list in your phone. It could be one thing or several things.

This also is not a judgement thing ~ it’s not about being hard on yourself, it’s not about saying “oh I should do something about this” or “I should have done something about this” or “why do I keep doing this." NONE OF THAT. It’s just like when you’ve been sleeping all night and you wake up in the morning and your eyes open, and you see things. It’s just like that. No judgement, your eyes open.

So contemplating, what are those things that we’ve not been open to seeing, without having to do anything about them. Recognizing that it may be just fine as is, or it may not be. It may require a particular action at some point, eventually. But for this very moment, the purpose of this exercise, it’s just about seeing.

So leaving you with the question for this week, you can really just raise the question, jot down a bullet list of answers and just leave it at that. It may be enough to trigger things inside of you in your subconscious and in your environment to start creating openness to see things in a different way or allow things to arise. So the question for this week is: What things am I not seeing? What am I avoiding? If I were going to confront something in my life, what would I be open or curious about seeing in a new way?





Clock Vine ~ Knowingness

One of the aspects of Clock Vine flower elixir that I find to be the most helpful is the ability to cut through our mental static and get right into our heart. And really discover what’s real for us, versus what we hear, what we discuss with other people, other people’s opinions that we ask about whatever the situations are in our life. We might see an astrologer, we might talk to a friend about what’s going on, there are all kinds of opinions around us. It can be really helpful to gather information, but in the end we have to listen to our own heart and see what is actually real for us.

There is this habitual pattern that I see occurring culturally across the entire country where it’s really hard to get objective information. If you look at, for example, our news outlets, all the articles online, if you’re listening to NPR in your car or other forms of news, it’s very very hard to get an objective point of view. Most of what’s written about these days, are people’s opinions. So when we take that to be real and regurgitate those things that we don’t ACTUALLY know if they’re true, we’ve not actually seen them through our own eyes or own experience, this kind of patterning can be dangerous. It creates a mental habit of not thinking for ourselves, and that can carry over into a lot of different areas. And any mental habit we engage in becomes more powerful over time. So in seeing that there’s this huge cultural habit to hear other people’s opinions, and then repeat them as if they are real, I think it’s important to keep getting in touch with what is real for us, and what our own experience is.

It’s something as silly as, the other day I was talking to my teacher about Amazon, and saying “Wow, Amazon is, like, everywhere in the world and now you can get anything shipped to you. And now they have the restaurants and you can get food sent to you. They’re taking over the world! And, they’re not even profitable yet.” Sort of in awe about their long-term vision planning for their business. And my teacher said “Well how do you know that? You read that somewhere, or you know that?” And I thought, oh, yeah, he’s right. I’m sure I read that in some article somewhere, but do I actually know? Have I seen their financials? Do I know from my own personal experience? I have no idea. So just something as simple - you think it’s like an innocent example - but we’re doing that constantly.

So to really have more awareness around what is truth for us, what is real based on experience that we’ve had, that is what is the most valuable. That is what real knowingness is based on. What’s real for us, what’s happening in our lives, listening to our own hearts, learning from our own experiences, and really leaning into a foundation of what is that I KNOW, without a doubt, because I’ve lived it. And I’m speaking from something that I know because I’ve lived it and experienced it. Versus heard about it, read about it, or somebody told me about it.

With the Clock Vine flower elixir, we can use its qualities to really cut through the mental thinking mind and really just get right into our hearts. And become aware of what’s real for us. What is true for us. What does our experience tell us. What does our knowingness tell us. What have we lived through? And those are the most valuable lessons that we can cherish for ourselves and also pass on to others. Ways that we’ve maneuvered situations or challenging times in our lives. Because we’ve lived it.

So the question for this week is “What space can you carve out in your life to take 5 minutes to listen to your heart? What is real for you? What do you know without a doubt, from your personal experience? What do you know, to be true?”