July 03, 2019

EP 98: Traveling Through Taiwan: Food, Flowers + the Jungle with Katie Hess + Taylor Rico

Taylor and I set up the microphones in the Da'an Park in Taipei to do a special recording about what it’s like in to be in Taiwan. We answer questions submitted on social media about our travels, from food to flower collecting to what it feels like to be in the jungle and in another culture where we don't speak the language. We marvel at all the ways we love Taiwan, and reveal some of the craziness.  

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We talk about:

  • What makes Taiwan so special 
  • Favorite foods + weird stuff too
  • Beauty of not speaking the language
  • Where we collected flowers + what that was like  
  • Flowers we’re seeing in abundance in Taiwan 

Also! I recorded a new meditation program in Taiwan - super excited to share it with you this weekend! In the meantime, here's the *Listen to Your Heartbeat* practice that I talk about in the podcast.

Love from Asia,

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