January 07, 2020

EP #127: Redefining Power: Embodying the Queen with Stephanie Marango

In this episode I speak with Stephanie Marango about redefining the concept of ‘power’ with concepts like ‘allowing’ and ‘presence’. We talk about the importance for women today to embrace the Queen archetype -- and why.

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We talk about:

  • How a 6-car pileup and near-death experience giving birth affected her work
  • From med school to MD to anatomy-through-yoga to bioenergetics work
  • The importance of thinking less, experiencing/perceiving more
  • You as a radio tower: what are you tuning your frequency to?
  • Redefining power: reconnecting with ‘the Queen archetype’ or divine feminine
  • Power as ‘allowing’, receiving & presence
  • Experiencing the intensity of feelings as fuel for wisdom through vulnerability
  • Being swept away by the waves vs. surfing (emotional waters)
  • Allowing difficult circumstances to resolve themselves - releasing control
  • How to do the ‘Gunk meditation’
More about Stephanie:
Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT is an integrative physician and educator. A graduate of Stanford University (and veteran of Silicon Valley), Dr. Marango received her MD with distinction in research from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and trained in Psychiatry at the California Pacific Medical Center.  In addition to her private practice in New York, Dr. Marango is the Director of Operations for Documenting Hope, a non-profit that studies and promotes children’s health. She further educates about wellness via lectures at medical centers and health organizations nationwide, and her expertise is cited throughout print and broadcast media likeWomen’s Health,Fitness, SiriusXM, WABC radio, WTNH TV. She has also authored a variety of works from peer-reviewed research, to popular books such asThe Wisdom of Your Body andYour Body and The Stars, to the anatomy text,Netter’s Moving AnatoME. Most poignantly, Dr. Marango—like you—is a human being beyond her bio.

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