Cancer as an Opportunity to Soften

March 13, 2019

EP 79: Cancer as an Opportunity to Soften with Paige Davis

In this episode I talk with Paige Davis about cancer as an opportunity to soften + be curious instead of engage in a battle. We talk about mindfulness practices, noticing how stress affects your body + how perspective is everything.

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We talk about:

  • Cancer as a battle to be fought vs. the body’s genius and wisdom to self-protect

  • Viewing any crisis as an opportunity to soften into more love + compassion

  • Importance of noticing when stress is affecting your body

  • The power of visualization + intention in terms of transforming substances

  • Viewing tumors: spreading vs. containment

  • The power of softening + surrendering to allow life’s challenges transform us

  • How the ‘Power through it’ mentality harms us if we engage in it too much

  • Fear, fearlessness + working with the reality of death

  • Working with Mindfulness practices now vs. waiting for a crisis

  • Being kind to yourself + staying curious

More about Paige:

Paige Davis is a mindfulness trainer, entrepreneur, and cancer survivor. She is the author of Here We Grow: Mindfulness Through Cancer and Beyond, a story of meeting fear and uncertainty with mindfulness, meaning, and the unconditional love inherent in us all. Paige works with companies, teams and individuals where she facilitates mindfulness and meditation programming designed to enhance communication, productivity, and managing high-demand situations with more clarity, compassion and creativity.  Paige is also co-founder of social impact brand,BlueAvocado. The company’s thoughtful designs and creative solutions invite people to live a greener, simpler, and more mindful life. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Ozy, Health, and Mindful Magazine. Learn more


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