December 10, 2019

EP #124: Sailing Interior Waters with Nadia Nedelchez

In this episode I talk with Nadia Nedelchez,holistic practitioner from Uruguay about her business and use of LOTUSWEI elixirs and oils to help women in her country express themselves, have self-confidence, and trust that they have gifts the world needs. We talk about asking for what you want, how death catalyzed her into her business working with flower essences, and what being a holistic practitioners like in your way.

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  • Her realization that people have the same needs + fears -- and that we’re all on the same path 
  • The magic of Uruguay and what makes it special
  • When she has an idea or intuition, to ACT on it
  • Competition in business and how it inspires you to be more yourself
  • How she uses flowers, herbs, and LOTUSWEI flower elixirs in her practice
  • How her business has changed her life
More about Nadia:

Mother. Author. Yogini. Nadia integrates nature’s wisdom into her work using flower essences, crystals, essential oils, yoga and introspection. She combines these powerful tools with a technique called cellular memory decoding, to assist her patients sail into their interior waters. This work facilitates the release of stress, and opens new internal routes that lead into the expression of their highest potential. She has been doing this work since 2003 and owns the trademark “Elemental”; a line of delightful natural blends.


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