June 13, 2018

EP 35: MOONSHINE LUNAR FORECAST with Kristina Wingeier (pt. 5)

This is the fifth episode of our MOONSHINE series, where we invite intuitive astrologer Kristina Wingeier to share her wisdom by providing us with a full lunar report (complete with a quick-reference cosmic calendar, breakdown of themes we can expect + luna-inspired rituals). Interested in how this all can be connected to flowers? We get into that, too!

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Lunar Cycle: JUNE 13TH - JULY 12TH

Themes for this lunar cycle:

Thinking outside the box = breakthroughs + insight. Playfulness. Speak from the heart.

NEW MOON IN GEMINI Wednesday, June 13th

  • “Anything can happen” day!
  • Communicate from the heart to inspire flashes of insight + breakthroughs of own inner wisdom - Use loving + nurturing language - people may be sensitive
  • Step outside your usual ways of thinking, open to different points of view
  • Be fun and playful - try something new! 

Planetary influences:

New Moon in Gemini: think outside your normal modes; get out of your usual mental loops + get a different point of view

Mercury in Cancer: Speak from the heart

  • Venus in Leo: feminine leadership, speaking from the heart, giving voice to + taking a stand for what you love

NEW MOON RITUALS  June 13th-June 20th, 2018

  • Break out of your routine! Have everyone switch seats at the office. Eat dessert first. Take a break in the middle of the day and go outside.
  • Embrace play and silliness. Jump on a trampoline. Talk in accents. Play the iPhone game ‘Heads-Up’ with a group. Share your Joy Juice anointing oil to get the laughter going!
  • Reach out to others + try new things. Connect with others through play; allow that spaciousness to spark new insights or passions.


  • Course correction time:Am I making choices that are leading me in the direction I want to go?

Summer Solstice = peak energy + light, turning point of the year

Planetary influences:

  • Neptune retrograde: extra confusion or delusion. Remedy: do your meditation + awareness or other spiritual practices. Sail through summer by staying connected to your spiritual nature.
  • Mars + Venus in opposition: your heart and head may feel in conflict; unite your active + receptive sides, try not to get too emotional or intellectualize too much.


  • Make honey infused with dried rose petals. Add your intention for flourishing in your creative capacity and living a life you love (and your Rose of Venezuela Elixir!). Use as a soothing face mask and you can also add to your team ?add to your tea! -  Check in with your long-term goals. Course correct where you need to, asking yourself“Am I moving towards what I love? Am I making choices that feel right for my life?”

FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN Wednesday, June 29th -  Might feel grumpy, overly serious, a little stuck; allow space for people to feel this way (including yourself!)

Clarify priorities + align with what is truly important -  Check in with responsibilities - are you taking on too much? Are others doing their fair share? Are teams running well (work, family, etc.)?

Planetary influences:

  • Mars stations retrograde (through July + August): Feels like the boat engine is running but the anchor is down! Work on improving existing projects vs. launching new projects. Cultivate patience.
  • Saturn retrograde: Revision. Check in that everything is aligned with what is most important
  • Mercury in Leo: Speak from the heart (Mercury Retrograde coming up: July 26th - Aug 19th)


  • Look back on January 2018 (specifically the new moon). What were you working on and aiming for? Are you on track? Check in with yourself to see if you have been taking on too much responsibility and if you’ve been delegating appropriately.
  • Get clear on where you’re going. Moving forward into the year, what do you want to accomplish? Make a list of action steps to keep you on point. Delegate + reorganize if needed.
  • What are you learning right now? Get out your notebook and spritz yourself with your Gamechanger mist. Write down what you’re currently assimilating, how you are growing, where you are stretching. What insights are arising?


  • Spark of energy as we prepare to move inward with eclipse season -Clearing out the old
 patterns and operating more from the heart
  • Planetary influences
  • Chiron stations retrograde: self doubt and crisis of confidence may arise
  • Jupiter stations direct: sense of expansion
  • Venus into Virgo: pay attention to your body + wellness systems


  • Clean out your closet! Reorganize, get rid of the dust bunnies. Let go of any clothing that doesn’t bring you joy.
  • Take time to go inwards and ask yourself “What do I want to make room for?”

      • ROSE OF VENEZUELA FLOWER ELIXIR Wild expansion + strength to break through limitations; fearless action regardless of what others think
      • GAMECHANGER 30ml MIST (currently only available in this kit!) Effortlessness, simplicity and lighthearted action; rapid growth, creativity and spaciousness; freedom from extremes
      • JOY JUICE ANOINTING OIL Joy, laughter, euphoria, contentment, enjoying life more 

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