July 31, 2019


Intuitive astrologer Kristina Wingeier is back for another episode of the MOONSHINE series on the #FlowerloungePodcast. We dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar + flower elixirs recommended for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!

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  • Taking learnings from eclipse season + integrating them into the heart.
  • Momentum + being seen
  • Playful creative energy ~ inspiration lights are flickering in you 
  • Shine your heart light
  • Energy shifts + lightens, no more intense up’s + down’s.
  • By month’s end we’re getting back to work in the details and planning.
NEW MOON in Leo on July 31st

Leo is a steady fixed-fire with hopeful, playful, creative light from the heart.

This is the first non-eclipsed moon in a while! During eclipse season, we might have been tossed around in emotional waters ~ now is the emotional dry out. This new moon is about playfulness, joy + enthusiasm. 

Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars + asteroid Juno are all in Leo together!

Mercury stations direct, standing still, but facing forward - no more review. 


  • Engage in playful healing rituals or little luxuries. Go dancing, infuse everything with Joy Juice, get a Botanical Treatment, go to a bathhouse, get a reflexology massage, eat your favorite dessert. 
Thursday, August 1st: Venus + Chiron Conjunct

Get ready for a nice healing insight regarding "wounded inner child" and to any of the eclipse reviews you were doing last month.

Friday,August 2nd: Venus Squares Uranus

You might feel a little uncertainty around love, money or personal identity/worth. The antidote: lean in to the truth and speak from the heart. Need support in this? Check out Truthteller.

Saturday/Sunday, August 3-4: Come out of your hole.

This weekend will feel like a nice uplift ~ sort of like a mole coming out of its hole + out into the light.

Monday, August 5th: Trine with Jupiter

Today is a day that things will go well + feel easy!

Wednesday/Thursday, August 7-8: Sun in Leo Trines

Sun in Leo Trine with Jupiter (Wed) + Sun in Leo Trine with Venus (Thurs). 

You’ll be walking around with a happy smile on your face. 

Sunday, August 11th: Planetary Movements

Jupiter stations direct in Sagittarius through December 2nd - this will be a very stable, uplifting + generous time.

Mercury enters Leo, asking us to speak up/out and from the heart. Get brave, get courageous + communicate. 

Uranus stations retrograde until January 10th, 2020, which means it may feel like things settle down for a little bit. We get time to integrate all of the changes happening in our lives. 

Follow the creative spark, go off on tangents, make space for going off path.

All the personal planets are in Leo at this time! Great time for getting in touch with your heart - practice this Heartbeat Meditation.

Tuesday, August 13th: Sun Venus Cazimi

Flash of insight around purification of love, magical moments that feel like effortless purifying - no effecting, it just happens.

FULL MOON in Aquarius on Thursday, August 15th

This Full Moon in Aquarius helps us keep some detachment and clarity, while seeing the bigger picture and vision.


  • Moonlight bathing. Bathe in the cooling light of the full moon.

  • If you feel cool, calm and reflective, bring that to someone who’s having a rough time.
  • If you’re having a rough time, seek out someone who’s neutral and calm.
Friday, August 16th: Mercury squares Uranus in a Trine with Chiron

Ultimately it’s to wake up + be free! But this might feel like a jolt. You may feel confusion in the mind, or receive surprising or shocking news.

Saturday, August 17th: Mars goes into Virgo through October

Time to get down to business, get organized, get grounded and get busy. Pay attention to detail + be of service. Ask others for help. Ask how can you help. Streamline + make processes more efficient. Clarify your health routines (exercise, diet, supplements, herbs).

Wednesday, August 21st

Venus goes into Virgo.

Mercury Jupiter Trine on 21st: visioning + dreaming.You might feel like: I get it now. I can see the missing pieces.

Friday, August 23rd: Sun Moves Into Virgo

ALL personal planets now in Virgo: Where can you trim the fat?    

If perfection is unattainable, there’s always room for improvement, organization + analysis.

Beautiful aspects of Virgo: devotion, sacred service, love

Shadow aspects of Virgo: criticism, perfectionist, rigidity, picky

Saturday, August 24th: Venus + Mars Conjuct in Virgo

Helping us make sure our actions come from love and devotion. If you’re trying too hard to be perfect, drop back into service and devotion.

Monday, August 26th: Happy surprises with Venus in a trine with Uranus 

Something unexpected that makes you smile occurs. This can also come from within, doesn’t necessary have to be from an external source.

Tuesday, August 27th: Mars + Uranus Trine in Virgo

This is like matches + gasoline. Watch out for being overly critical or bossy. Don't start a fire.

Friday, August 30th: Super New Moon/Fertile Moon/Game Plan for Fall

If you’ve been working really hard, rest and take a nap. But look to your personal chart to see where Virgo is located to see in what area you’ll be getting busy. Set your intentions for the rest of Fall and make plans for 4th Quarter.

This is a fertile new moon that is productive, pragmatic and results-oriented.

Jupiter in Sagittarius has you focusing on details and Virgo has you focus on the details that will get you there.


To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:

Boundless Wisdom Collection: Look beyond the obvious + perceive the preciousness of every moment. Catalyze mindful awareness + be here now. Scent: Earthy floral, like you're taking a walk into the woods.

Redwood Flower Elixir in the Flowerevolution ProgramRedwood gives us a sense of home + belonging - the kind that engenders warmth, patience, generosity + feeling looked out for. It helps us keep our feet on the ground, dissolving sensations of being lost or unsupported. It heals old father wounds + infuses us with a sense of our own divine masculine. Redwood can even help our physical stability, helping us stand tall and firmly planted.

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