January 16, 2018

EP 14: Flower Essence Collection Trips & What It's Like with Katie + Taylor (recording from Costa Rica!)

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This week I wanted to share with you the 'behind the scenes' story on what it's really like to go on a flower essence collection trip. Honestly, it's a weird profession, and a lot more goes into it than anyone would expect. Taylor and I talk about our experience traveling + collecting flowers, while inside a tent in Costa Rica that looks like a Lotus Flower bud.

We share stories from the magical and inspiring, to crazy and creepy. Above all, the motivation behind all that we do, is not to see the world, it's to collect the transformative + healing essences from exotic flowers and all that Mother Nature has to offer ~ for the soul purpose of sharing something that is profoundly meaningful, sacred, and life changing!

Our wish is to bring the magic of these flowers and places into your heart.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • It might look like all of our collection trips are glamorous + magical - don't let social media fool you, our trips are magical, but not always easy! We dish the dirt and 'behind the camera' struggles that come along with being on a collection trip.
  • When to trust your instincts (especially in dangerous jungles!)
  • How to stop + listen to the world around you - you will find that the plants and animals will show you just where you need to be
  • Our favorite collection stories - even some of the scary/creepy ones!

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