Plants for Spiritual Growth

November 01, 2017

EP 03: Plants for Spiritual Growth with Katie Hess

katie hess

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In episode three of The Flowerlounge, I would like to talk about plants for spiritual growth. As our culture becomes more open to using plants to not only heal ailments of the body, but also the soul, I am noticing an interesting trend. It's a trend towards a fixation on only a handful of plants, that happen to be psychedelic plants or that impair your usual perception of reality.

This fascination with only certain kinds of plant medicine ~ like Ayahuasca, Cannabis, Mushrooms, etc. ~ I find this fixation on just this handful of plants really interesting....knowing that we have almost 400,000 species of plants on this planet + each one carries a very special benefit or wisdom for us.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Identifying motivations for using plants for spiritual growth
  • Balancing your Yin and Yang
  • In a race for spiritual + personal growth, it's better to be the turtle rather than the hare
  • Taking the time to evaluate your methods of personal growth
  • Most gentle ways of using plants for growth
  • How the process of awakening can be gentle, nurturing, loving, nourishing + insightful

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