October 26, 2017

Guess what?!

I now have a podcast called the Flowerlounge!

It started all with the book launch, which became a phenomenon, leading to the creation of 15 Flowerlounges, in 3 countries, in 9 months! We named the podcast after the events, because both are intimate places to experience life in full bloom.

For this project I'll be talking with experts in unexpectedly wild + non-conventional fields of expertise that I personally recommend + deeply trust. They are all ahead of their time, ahead of the curve, and sometimes even against the grain. We get real - and have intimate conversations about living life on our personal edge.

Sprinkled in between interviews, I’ll share personal experiences + talk about things you won’t hear me talk about anywhere else. This whole thing kind of scares the shit out of me … but all the more reason to do it! ;)

Why? Because I want you to feel inspired to be even more fearless about listening to YOUR inner voice + pioneering your own way in the world - no matter how crazy, different or unusual.

Right now, we’ve got THREE episodes up!

0. Welcome to the Flowerlounge: Why the podcast, why now + what you’ll get out of it with Yours truly ;)

1. Getting to the Root: Discovering emotional root causes, the Five Elements, and protecting your ‘Shen’ with Erin Borbet

2. Listen to Your Gut: How Your Intuition and Business Success are Interdependent with Jini Patel Thompson

Help us get discovered by people who have never heard about us:

Each Wednesday we'll release a new conversation with a change-maker, and peppered in I’ll offer plant wisdom + rubber-hits-the-road methods for working with life’s challenges, along with flower hunting stories from whatever crazy country we’re traveling in.

So as you’re driving around in your car or riding the train, have a listen!


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Happy listening,

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