Cultivating Your Inner Essence Through Tai Chi

April 25, 2018

EP 28: Cultivating Your Inner Essence Through Tai Chi with Frank Banuelos

Frank has been studying and practicing Tai Chi for over 10 years. He was fortunate to be taught a very old form of the Yang style of Tai Chi that was brought to America by Master Fu-Yaun Ni and passed on to him by Master Ni's former student and retired teacher Gary Kukuk. Frank teaches both the martial application (self defense) and the meditative aspects of Tai Chi.

Frank loves sharing and teaching all the wonderful benefits that Tai Chi has to offer, including circulation, balance, muscular and joint strength and coordination, along with focus, awareness, relaxation and cognitive skills that last long after practice is over.

During his studies and practice, Frank has developed a great appreciation for all martial arts, as well as making various friends in the martial arts community. He is currently working with the Film Bar (a hip indie movie theater) in downtown Phoenix, AZ to feature a Kung Fu movie series, while sharing experts, teachers and practitioners with the public after the movie to spread the benefits of martial arts.

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What you'll hear in this episode:
  • All thing Tai Chi:
    - history + prominent teachers
    - how Tai Chi can be used for mental + emotional transformation
    - principles of Tai Chi
    - how Tai Chi stacks up against other martial arts
  • Taking control of the energy you receive + send out
  • Soft Heart + Fierce Awareness: letting go of what no longer serves you; setting boundaries
  • Not letting the past hold you back: using it as fuel to propel you forward
  • Breaking down the walls: facing your inner demons
  • Knowing when to stop + slow down

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