January 28, 2020


EP 130: Mushrooms: A Lifelong Superfood with Four Sigmatic's Danielle Ryan Broida

In this episode I talk to Danielle Ryan Broida, herbalist, nutritionist and national educator of Four Sigmatic. We talk about mushrooms as teachers and healers of our planet. Danielle shares wisdom about her favorite mushrooms, and how they boost our vitality, help us sleep better, chill out and be more productive. She shares fun history, culture and herbal lore around mushroom superpowers and describes their energetic qualities and how they can sometimes be elusive to find in the wild.

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And more specifically:

  • The need to meditate/surrender in order to be able to find mushrooms in the wild
  • Which species can be cultivated and which must be wild-harvested
  • Mushrooms as one of the oldest forms of natural medicine
  • Mushroom qualities: damp, cold, dark, quiet ~ they wake up vitality in our bodies
  • Mushrooms as a long life superfood that can be taken our entire lives
  • How mushrooms can break down plastic and soak up oil spills
  • Energetic contribution of mushrooms: fearlessly see the unseen/hidden within ourselves
  • Her favorite mushrooms to incorporate into daily life: Chaga (daily bodyguard, immune system boost), Reishi (chill, no more fight or flight, clear the fog), and Lion’s Mane (clarity, productivity, brain support)
  • How Four Sigmatic’s mission is to elevate daily staples with health-giving mushrooms -- like coffee, hot chocolate -- and even skin care!
More about Danielle:

Danielle Ryan Broida, RH (AHG) is a key player in the worldwide mushroom movement.As a Registered Herbalist (RH) of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Instructor of Mycology, and National Educator of Four Sigmatic, Danielle is teaching the world about the importance of a life on functional mushrooms.

Prior to joining forces with Four Sigmatic, she received her BA in Environmental Studies and Philosophy from Whitman College, studied Ayurveda in India, became a Certified Yoga Instructor, worked with a Naturopathic Doctor to become a Certified Raw Chef and Detox Coach, and led treks in the Thai backcountry where she became fascinated by herbal medicine. She moved to Boulder, Colorado to formalize her education in holistic medicine. Upon completing her graduate studies, she opened a private practice focused on functional mushroom based treatments.

Danielle brings her passion and expertise in herbal medicine, clinical practice, teaching, formulation, and her deep love for fungi to everything she does.


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