Flower Essences for Dogs + Cats

January 14, 2020

EP #128: Flower Essences for Dogs + Cats with Katie Hess

In this episode I talk about flower essences for dogs and cats. I cover specific flowers and blends for all different types of pet experiences and share how we can help our furry loved ones with flower remedies for things like: 

  • Rescue trauma
  • Hyperactivity
  • Sadness when you travel
  • Surgeries
  • Thunderstorm/fireworks fear
  • Jealously, anger, biting
  • Sore muscles
  • Restlessness
  • Exhaustion, fatigue
  • Physical issues
  • During the death process

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Flower essences for dogs + cats featured in the episode:
Different modalities you can use to incorporate flower essences into your pets daily life:
  • Flower Elixir: Add 7 drops into their water bowl daily. Since there is honey in the elixir, you will want to rinse the dish everyday. You can even add the elixir into their food or onto their treats. I have a lineup of flower essences in my kitchen and my 11 year old niece intuitively selects essences for each dog with each meal.
  • Aura Mists: Mist them + their space. Better yet, mist your hand and pet them. We've heard different responses about using the mists pets - some like to be misted + even lick it out of the air, and some feel like it’s punishment or don't like the sound of the mist (possible from past training experiences). In that case, best to mist your hand and then pet them. 
  • Balancing Serums: Add a few drops into your hands + rub it into their fur.

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