September 05, 2018

it's time
you go have a drink
they say
how're you gonna celebrate?
my mind is blown empty
I am just hanging here
in this moment
with all their eyes on me
I fumble a bit
with my words
in an overwhelm of
subtle energy
a rush throughout
my body systems
from the profoundness
of the ritual
in all it's mundane
stacks of paper  

*it's the ritual*

they are waiting expectantly
we all know innately
that life changes
the moment you walk out that door
we feel it in the air  

I see it in their eyes  
a friendly
yet serious tone
I am signing my name
promising to pay back
the largest sum of money
I could conceive of
until this point
of my evolution

it's in their tone of voice
as they explain
one by one
what each document means
like getting married
there is a commitment
solidified into these stacks
of papers and
a promise
like I've never made before
a promise to myself
that I will

4 Responses


September 07, 2018

Congratulations Katie!! I love reading about what you’re doing, it helps inspire me that I could make my dreams a reality too :) xx

Laureen Weiss
Laureen Weiss

September 07, 2018

Congratulations 🌸

Diva Felix
Diva Felix

September 07, 2018

congratulations !! Where is your new locations?
A lot success

Marcia Dietz
Marcia Dietz

September 07, 2018

I’m so happy Katie, for you, for everyone at Lotus Wei, for me who’s come along for the ride from afar. It’s been and will continue to be an incredible ride. Got a tear in my eye too just reading this. I can’t wait to come out and see the new digs. Beautiful building by the way. Looks just perfect from the outside. Peace, love and flower petals of course!❤️😎👏

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