July 18, 2023

If you’re curious to know ... 

  • the difference between Divine Within, Divine Truth & Divine Timing
  • what LOTUSWEI as a business/team has experienced on Divine Timing
  • what you can expect to bubble to the surface when you work with it

Then watch this video:

This spontaneous recording was a totally unplanned riff on Divine Timing that happened after Taylor & I shot the teaching video for this blend (that's here if you haven't seen it).

The magic of Divine Timing was a hard one for me to put into words on camera.

It's vast & powerful -- and yet, super elusive & becoming.

So we sat there, with the camera still rolling, sharing our own interpretations of what we've been noticing to see if there was another way to put language to it all ... and this is what came out!

May it support you & the expansion of your unique contribution in the world.

Love & flower petals,