August 20, 2018


White Columbine makes you feel like the world has your back. You are supported and take solace in the recognition of inner and outer support. Also known as 'Silver Queen,' this flower helps you become your own fairy godmother, with the same feeling of relief when you rest your head on her lap. You don't have to bear the weight of the world alone, as there is an army of support behind you and within you.


Nourish your heart & support your divine expression with Sacred Heart. Infused with 9 flower remedies for profound self-support, resilience, contentment & belonging, it helps us soften into the present moment and elicit poignant beauty despite change or transition.


White Columbine flower essence LOTUSWEI flower essences

What it Reveals

If you feel drawn to the White Columbine, there may be something you’re internally wrestling with. You may be weighing options, going back and forth in the ultimate spin cycle of dualism: good, bad, want, don’t want, like, don’t like.

You may have had the feeling of being conflicted inside, or bearing the weight of something heavy alone. 

You may have experienced stress around not knowing how something is going to turn out, or grappling with the tension of bouncing back and forth between the opposites of: knowing/not knowing, real/not real or negative/positive.


White Columbine flower essence LOTUSWEI flower essences

What the Elixir Catalyzes
Activate: Divine Feminine
Message: You are your own fairy godmother.

The White Columbine flower gives us the same deep comfort as when we put our head on someone’s lap and all conflict drains away. Nothing about the situation changes, but we just suddenly feel like it’s all going to be okay and we can finally relax.

White Columbine opens within us a deep well of self-support. We realize that we are just fine — with the support that comes from within us. It is effortless too, as if we wake up one morning and realize that no conflict is ever too much for us. That we can experience any type of pain + suffering, and that ultimately we’ll be okay, because we are exactly the support that we need for ourselves.


White Columbine flower essence LOTUSWEI flower essences

We feel accompanied, as if our own fairy godmother just appeared from within us. We recognize that we’re not alone, that there is support all around us, including in the unseen being realms. We feel a sense of relief, ease and non-attachment, because no matter how it all shakes out, we’re going to be just fine.

White Columbine softens the edge of deep sadness, grief, “I can’t get what I want”, loneliness, anguish, confusion, fear of loss and fear of failure, replacing it with a god-motherly soft love. We feel there is an army of support behind us.

We can let go of wrestling with duality and relax into the middle, into the unknown, into simply resting in what is, without trying to understand, wanting to know the future, or doubting ourselves.

White Columbine flower essence LOTUSWEI flower essences

Why It’s Special

Columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris) flowers can be found all over the northern hemisphere in high altitude places. There are many species and colors. It’s name ‘Columbine’ comes from the Latin word ‘dove’, because the petals look like five doves clustered together. This particular variety is known as the White Star Columbine, or the Origami White Columbine.

Although Native Americans used Columbine flowers and leaves as an herbal remedy, the roots and seeds are poisonous.

White Columbine flower essence LOTUSWEI flower essences



Four of us were walking up a mountainside where there were so many wildflowers of all colors that we lost count.

We were on a wildflower trail on a mountain divide where Wyoming meets Idaho in the Grand Tetons.

Grand Tetons Wildflower hike LOTUSWEI flower essences

I had been grappling with questions inside my mind, and when meeting the White Columbine flower I felt such a relief, ease and divine gentleness, as if everything i had been worried about whooshed out of my body.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Soft, feminine love & acceptance; self-support; ease & relief from sense of inner fairy godmother; awareness of unseen support

DISSOLVES: Bearing the weight of something heavy alone; wrestling back and forth about something, feeling torn; deep sadness, grief, feeling “I can’t get what I want;” loneliness, anguish, confusion


Along with being one of the flowers featured in the Sacred Heart Collection, White Columbine is also available as a single elixir.

Because each flower has its own unique specialty, single flower elixirs can target very specific patterns. The effects of single flower elixirs are often more subtle, yet they go deeper, hitting the bullseye. While it may take longer to discern the shifts taking place, the effects can be profound.


Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess signature LOTUSWEI flower essences