THEA COUGHLIN :: Sublime capturing of the real you

August 31, 2014

Last year I booked a Spirit Session with Thea Coughlin.

Thea came to Arizona with her camera in tow + she, Lisa Reinhardt + I drove up north to cooler weather + took lots of photographs. We enjoyed the magical rocks, fluttering leaves + cooler breezes of Prescott. 

thea coughlin photographer

We walked through the forest, collected some special flower essences + then came back down to the desert in search of unique desert flowers. We found a gorgeous luminous wildflower called Starflower + entire hillsides rich with blue desert lupines + orange globe mallows.

Throughout our time, Thea had her camera + captured the magical moments of the day. I love that the whole point is to capture you in your natural element vs. making you up to be something that you’re usually not.

katie hess flower alchemist essence

What’s amazing is how comfortable Thea makes you feel despite the camera lens.I think most people feel a little wary when a camera is pointed at them for several hours – after about ten smiles, you start to feel a little awkward …

thea coughlin

Thea has a way of totally ‘getting’ you – and making you feel completely comfortable with the camera + being in front of it.

Oh! And did I mention that during her photo sessions she does a tea + flower essence ritual? (including a flower reading with LOTUSWEI flower power to bring out your most joyful, genuine self).

What I LOVE about Thea:

She is genuine, real, down-to-earth. And connects with you full-on - 100% in tune + patient. She has the best laugh, is up for exploration + totally fun to be with. She's fearless + not afraid to say it like it is. And she has a knack for capturing the real you on camera, as well as helping you capture what's real for you in your own photographs.

Besides Spirit Sessions, Thea also teaches photography workshops + online classes.

If you're looking to express your creativity or improve your photography skills, Thea designed a course called, Spirit of Mastery, a one-month creative catalyst for people who want to shoot incredible images in manual mode.

I interviewed her recently as part of our new Sublime Women series:

What's your favorite flower + 3 words to describe its personality?

Ranunculus: Soft, sweet and delicate.

If we made an elixir from your essence, what effect would it have on people?

It would open up their hearts and allow them to see their own radiance and connect to the hearts of others more readily.

What do you practice in order to keep growing personally?

I have a consistent and disciplined morning meditation time and in the evening I take a thorough daily inventory. These two practices help me grow in having more compassion, humility, kindness, love, patience and gentleness.

When do you experience fear, and do it anyway?

Every time I say no to something to keep my life simple, I experience fear of missing out. But I keep focused on my goal which is to take care of myself so I am full to share love, kindness, compassion, and gentleness. I have a delicate nervous system and a longing for adventure but I get easily drained and at this time in my family life, need to stay closer to home.

What’s your favorite experience that you’ve had using lotuswei?

Seeing the immediate results in my 9 year old and the long term effects they have had on my family. Quiet mind serum on our feet is a bedtime routine and brings deep and peaceful sleep. Joy juice, infinite love and inspired action are our happy juice mists to start our day in the morning. My son is not a morning person, so he can be pretty slow and crabby when it's time to get going in the morning for school. Only moments after our morning mists his energy completely shifts.

What’s special about your work in the world?

My work connects people to parts of themselves and others that seem hidden within ... Whether it is teaching someone how to create images that are in line with their vision through photography workshops or capturing their spirit in a spirit session. I feel as though I have been blessed with an ability to help others see certain things from my heart perspective. Check out Thea's work here.

Love + flower petals,

katie hess flower alchemist

*The professional-looking shots of Thea were shot by GypsyRae at the LOTUSWEI offices.