November 24, 2023

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Overly sensitive or empathic
  • Afraid of losing something
  • Unreasonable, illogical fears of unknown origin
  • Fear of loss of money, wealth or possessions
  • Fear of people watching you with mal-intent or the evil eye
  • Fear of attack or being consumed by negative forces
  • Excessive sexual energy
  • Worries, shame or disgust
  • Destructive patterns
  • Bad vibes in the environment
Society Garlic is found in our Awakened Perception blend



If you’re drawn to the Society Garlic flower, you may have recently felt overly sensitive to external forces or energy. You may have experienced worries about loss, fears of attack or criticism, or a sense that those around you don’t have your best interest at heart.

Society Garlic flower elixir is a helpful remedy for anyone who is sensitive to external forces, such as water signs, empaths, babies or emotional sponges. If you’re a person who takes on the stress of people around you, this flower can help. Likewise, you may be affected by bad vibes or heavy energies that you encounter on the street or the public environments you find yourself in.

Alternatively, you may be engaging in some kind of destructive patterns or behavior that makes you worry. You may have experienced shame or disgust, or felt that you’ve been consumed by negative forces.



Activate: Imperviousness
Message: Remain unwavering

Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea) Flower elixir magnifies a sense of protection and benevolent forces. It helps us be totally unwavering, solid and unaffected by anything external. Rather than feeling like we’re going it solo, we feel an unseen army of protection around us. If we are aware of unseen forces or spirits, Society Garlic helps us be fearless despite being aware of such energies.

What we used to be deeply afraid of, becomes insignificant or small. Society Garlic cleanses old destructive patterns or habits, and magnifies a sense of unwavering strength, calm & fearlessness.

We perceive a sense of protection and support around us. We’re stronger and more fearless. Even if someone looks at us with malintented or threatening eyes, it no longer penetrates or bothers us. We’re not afraid to take a stand & be in the world & be seen. And we can be more gentle with ourselves.



Closely related to chives, the leaves and flowers of the Society Garlic are edible. Add them to soups, salads & as a tasty garnish. Believed to get its name from Dutch settlers in South Africa, it has garlic flavor without the bad breath of eating garlic.

If you enjoy gardening, the plant is low maintenance and is heat & drought-tolerant. Its light purple flowers attract birds and deter deer from munching on your garden. It spreads slowly through tubers under the ground and also makes a good container plant.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Protection; Benevolent forces; Imperviousness

DISSOLVES: Self-destructive patterns; Sensitivity to negative forces; Fear of mal-intent

Society Garlic is found in our Awakened Perception blend


Love + flower petals,