A POEM FOR SEATTLE ~ *timeless*

July 20, 2017

i tread softly
on the streets of Seattle
soaking in the richness
of electric blue hydrangeas
purple hydrangeas

decadently plucking blackberries
off the bush
ripe & exploding in my mouth
like sweet jam –
here for a moment

blackberries in hand


and then gone ~
like all
the moments of our lives
this fleeting life
passing us by
like a clock ticking
yet when we are fully immersed
in each moment
all of our senses open, taking it all in
it a great feast of seeing, hearing, feeling
and we are never hungry
we are
always full, satiated + overflowing
we have all the time in the world …
when we can sink in
to ourselves + the moment
when we can
bathe in the sunshine of a smile


taylor rico alexis mcpeters seattle

dive into the love in another’s eyes
share warmth + buoyancy
unafraid to show
what’s inside us
along with
our love
for each other
for this life
for every precious moment
it is now …
the time
to be present
to rest + melt + allow ourselves
to just ‘be’ ~
it is in the beingness
that time suspends itself
the preciousness of life imprints deeply
we perceive the great fullness
of every luscious moment
in every cell of our bodies
and we become timeless + wild + free.

Love + flower petals,

katie hess