September 05, 2023

Need more belly laughs? Me too.

Ever have a stressful day and just need to decompress into hysterical laughter over a bubbly drink? Yeah, me too.

That’s why Justin & I collaborated on a recipe for a Joy Juice Mocktail – so you can create your very own happy hour, any day of the week.

We've always loved putting flower essences into beverages & food, so when my friend Nick Polizzi asked Justin, Alan & I to be a part of his new Healing Kitchen series, we were stoked!

Chef Justin Booher and I jumped on a plane to Denver a few weeks later!

In Nick’s beautiful style, he graciously hosted us in a gorgeous setting with an uber-professional team of filmmakers.

Nick has an uncanny ability to ask a few simple, humble questions – and then hold an ocean of space to elicit the most profound answers.

I watched Nick interview Justin for 3 hours, and found out all kinds of beautiful things I never knew about Justin. His story about how he became a chef is absolutely poetic, starting with washing rice in a sushi restaurant. He even told the tear-jerking story about his near-fatal bike accident, and how that influenced his life & career.

Alan went on a separate trip to Colorado for filming, and he told stories about growing up in a Chinese family, with a grandfather that taught him tai chi … and also a killer bitter gourd recipe (my favorite vegetable on earth!).

Besides the three members of the LOTUSWEI family whipping out our favorite recipes with flower essences, Nick interviewed a whole slew of special chef's, herbalists and other amazing food professionals you'll definitely want to listen to.

Watch the Healing Kitchens trailer here, and go hereto download the entire series.

You'll get loads of recipes with visual how-to's and touching stories to accompany the food.

For a 'taste' of Healing Kitchens, check out this Joy Juice Mocktail how-to video & enjoy your own happy hour:

Love & happy bubbly mocktails,