A POEM FOR CHICAGO ~ *emerging*

July 07, 2017

dipping my feet
into the Great Lake Michigan
soft sand under my toes
undulating in curves
and beautiful patterns
the water is like silk

katie hess LOTUSWEI flower essences

and it brings me
right back home
into the
home in my heart
and this city greets us
with such elegance
such play
with bunnies chasing each other
in circles
fireflies zipping up into the air
with their bright green glow
sparking up into the space all around us
like out of some sci fi movie
this magical earth we live on
is so understated
so graceful in her beauty
like the huge beaver
rolling in and out of the water
in the pond
in the middle of the city
it knows we are watching it
as it swims off into the sunset

chicago milkweed LOTUSWEI flower essences

and the flowers!
huge pink milkweed
clouds of aroma
burying my face into stars
that smell like espresso & cream
lilacs & chocolate
and no wonder these beauties keep the monarchs alive
before their their long journey of
3000 miles
and five generations
they drink nectar from these very flowers
that sustain their children
and their grandchildren
who finally arrive to Mexico
for the winter
and when the great great great
grandchildren arrive back home
they are greeted by these same
nectar-filled milkweed
& fireflies & joyful bunnies
huge green trees that reach out to them
in an embrace
and if we had that kind of awareness
in our hearts
that we are part of a larger cycle
a grander dynamic
a weavings of beings across time
we might wonder how in this very moment
we are bearing gifts
developing talents and good habits
that will be passed on
generation to generation
even if we don’t have children
it’s passed
through the energy in our hearts
and fingertips
and we are right now
this very moment
creating the world of the future

lotuswei team in chicago LOTUSWEI flower essences

we are that powerful
so we can allow ourselves
to take our rightful seat at the table
showing up in all our forms
and expressions
of our humanness
allowing all parts of ourselves to be fully loved
as the magnificent beings that we are

lotuswei team Chicago LOTUSWEI flower essences

to make
this world
a better place
to see the magic in every moment that surrounds us
to drink the nectar of life
to bloom
and blossom
and grow
and mature
in this never ending cycle of love.

looking at chicago skyline LOTUSWEI flower essences

Love + flower petals,

katie hess