Gamechanger Flowerlounge Team Love

June 20, 2018

Huge shout out to the Chicago Flowerlounge team ~ they worked so efficiently & it was the best & smoothest event yet of the 17 we've done so far!

Taylor is our creative director. She makes everything beautiful & is one of the most unceasingly creative, inspired, virtuous, heartfelt & hard-working people I know. At the events, she shoots/edits the Flowerlounge videos, does photography specializing in exquisite details & storytelling and builds the flower mandalas (We build them together ... one of my favorite parts about the events!) Back at the office, she oversees all things visual and works on a million different types of projects, from coordinating design of packaging, website & branding to social media to photo editing to creating divine experiences.

At the events, Kate chants the smoke offering practice with us, clarifying the  intention for all our activities. In all of her event preparation work, her focus is always on creating an exquisite and profound experience for attendees. At the office, she heads up the Flowerevolution, creating and care-taking the experiences of participants in our subscription program that has been going strong for over three years now. She has a deep desire for our community to be able to access the most powerful parts of themselves through flower elixirs, as well as our other teachings, trainings, workshops and practices.

Without Alexis, there would be no Flowerlounge events; there is a tremendous amount of coordination that goes into selecting venues, flowers, food, drinks, partnerships, flights, Airbnb + everything else! Along with coordinating all the logistics, scheduling + planning for Flowerlounges, during the events, she is a tireless mover/shaker, making sure all the parts + pieces are on time and as promised. Back at the office, Alexis is also director of our #FlowerloungePodcast, booking guests, coordinating the podcast audio editing & social media posts and making sure we're producing content that engages our listeners.

Similar to Taylor, Tessa is a light-catcher, taking advantage of sunbeams to highlight someone's essence. Tessa is a photographer, specializing in capturing people in candid moments. She is also a spontaneous creative, getting each of us to pop outside of our comfort zone a little, like doing eucalyptus dances for the camera. You can count on Tessa for humor, reassurance and hopping to any task to help the team out. She's a people person, which makes her an amazing coordinator; at home she beautifies photos + social media, and is currently in charge of partnerships & design for our future clothing line (!).

Founder of Wei of Chocolate, Lisa runs our sister company and infuses the flower essences into dark chocolate. More recently, she has also stepped in, using both her entrepreneurial skill set, combined with her ancient wisdom practices to facilitate onboarding & training for some of our new hires. We've been highly fortunate to have access to her in critical moments, to streamline systems, onboard key hires & co-lead morning meditations with the team. She has participated in more than half of our Flowerlounges, chanting the smoke offering, as well as sharing wisdom, practices, inspiring stories + the most perfect chocolate experiences.

Believe it or not, the Chicago Flowerlounge was Elizabeth's first work experience with us! Nevertheless, she jumped in head first & didn't skip a beat. She set up the entire display of flower essences, chocolate and Indonesian sarongs in less time than the most seasoned pro, and made it beautiful & approachable. Elizabeth comes from both corporate and startup cultures, as well as growing her own coaching/teaching business. After spending the weekend with us - that was probably waaaaay more full-on than she ever expected - she never once complained - only brought smiles, laughs + support to everyone. We're so excited to work with Elizabeth going forward!

Oh yeah ... I was there too. And I loved every minute of it.   ; ) 

Our production team, Lindsey, Brandi & Jamie! If it weren't for these precious women, nothing of what we do would take place. Lindsey, Brandi & Jamie combine the flower essences and plant oils that act as seeds to make all of our hearts full bloom! They make ALL of our products by hand, with love, care & precision, each with their own unique sensitivity, heart and humor. The flower elixirs, aura mists, serums & anointing oils make the events - and the overall business - sustainable and transformative for all of us. 

Thank you to everyone who came to the Chicago Flowerlounge! People came from as far as Louisiana, New York, Minnesota, Ohio, Colorado and Indiana! Can't wait to share our video with you of the event, smoke offering, flower offering, flower flash mob + behind-the-scenes! Coming soon!