March 18, 2016

Do you ever press fresh flowers and wonder what in the world you are going to do with them once they are fully dried?

I know so many people that have books full of beautifully pressed flowers that stay hidden within pages on their bookshelves.

I recently got a new iPhone and since I didn't want to cover up the gorgeous Rose Gold color, I came up with this really easy, and totally eye-catching, DIY phone case design!

floral iphone case and flowers LOTUSWEI flower essences

All you need are the following materials:

Simply arrange the your dried flowers on the back of your phone and once your design is complete, just snap on the case!

I love this idea because it is easily interchangeable if you like to save + dry a lot of your flowers.

The hand-made element + unique look is also an easy conversation starter - I get so many compliments!

Flowers saved from a special occasion or moment in your life? Lovely! You're hand-made case will elicit emotions from that time and bring you joy, happiness + a big smile.

And your smile is beautiful. :)


taylor holding diy floral iphone case LOTUSWEI flower essences

If you create your own pressed flower phone case, snap a photo, hashtag it with #weioflife and tag @lotuswei on social media so we can look in awe at your designs!

What do you do with your dried flowers? Share with us in the comments below!