January 12, 2017

If a food or beverage is ever described as spicy, zesty, 'or has a little kick' ... I'm in! Peppers, ginger, thai spices, you name it. So when I saw Jodi pull out some ginger and yellow peppers from her reusable grocery bag full of ingredients for this juice, my mouth instantly began to water.

The Creative Juice Kick recipe: 

1 YELLOW PEPPER: Contains anti-fungal + anti-bacterial properties. Promotes healthy skin, hair + nails.

1/2 PINEAPPLE: Helps boost energy + immunity. Is also great for digestion so have this with or before a heavy meal

1 LEMON: Aids in digestion + detoxification; chock-full of Vitamin C!

GINGER (thumb sized): Improves your ability to absorb nutrients + helps kickstart your metabolism.

INSPIRED ACTION flower elixir: Contains flower elixirs that enhance motivation, drive + fearless creativity; helps you get things done and tackle any to-do's you may be putting off.

  • When removing the skin from the ginger: Instead of using a potato peeler, which takes off a lot of the good stuff in the process, grate the ginger with the edge of a spoon and the skin will come right off! Have kids that want to help in the kitchen? This trick makes peeling extra safe! Same tip works for turmeric.

Robbie was our taste tester for this juice...


robbie trying creative juice LOTUSWEI flower essences


Watch the video and find out if he approved or not...


QUESTION FOR JODI: If I juice for a day, do I still need to drink water?

JODI: ABSOLUTELY YES! Even though you are ingesting liquids into your system, you still need water to hydrate your body. The more water you drink, the more you assist the juices in cleaning the toxins out of your system. Prepare to pee like crazy, but it is essential. 

Do you have any questions you would like answered? Fire 'em at us - Jodi loves having her brain picked for knowledge! :)


Love + flower petals,