November 02, 2017

The medicinal use of Aloe Vera can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt, when Alexander the Great captured the island of Socotra, in order to secure the aloe growing there to help treat the wounds of his soldiers. And Aloe Vera was called the “Plant of Immortality” by the ancient Egyptians, said to be the secret ingredient in Cleopatra’s skin care routine that kept her looking so young!

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These days, aloe is mostly used to treat minor first + second degree burns ~ but there are so many other ways to get the benefits of the vitamins + nutrients that the Aloe Vera plant provides! Read on for some of my favorites ...

Helps to soothe upset stomach symptoms
The anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera help to relieve intestinal inflammation and the visceral hypersensitivity that is commonly found in people with gastrointestinal issues. It also loaded with anthraquinone, a compound that promotes digestive functions. You can ingest Aloe Vera in pill or gel form ~ you can even put it in a smoothie!

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My Favorite Aloe Vera Smoothie:

+ 1 cup almond milk
+ ½ cup filleted or diced Aloe Vera gel (or 1 tablespoon concentrated aloe)

+ ½ cup organic frozen strawberries
+ ½ organic banana

+ a tiny bit of Agave nectar, organic honey or maple syrup to taste

Blend + Enjoy!

{heads up ~ ingesting aloe can have a laxative/cleansing effect. Adjust amount as needed for your system!}

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Helps to improve your dental health
A few spoonfuls of aloe mixed with filtered water, used as a mouthwash, can help to keep your gums healthy + fights gum inflammation, strengthens tooth enamel and helps to fight/prevent bad breath!

Cleanse, tone & moisturize your skin
Aloe helps your skin to repair collagen, as well as increases blood flow to aid in improving the elasticity and look of your skin. The pH balance of Aloe Vera closely matches that of our skin’s natural pH. When incorporated into your daily skin care routine, use can help to reduce acne + scarring.

Create your own Aloe Vera Sugar Scrub!
+ 2 tablespoons of organic aloe vera gel
+ 2 tablespoons organic brown sugar
+ 1 teaspoon organic lemon juice

diy aloe toner and scrub LOTUSWEI flower essences

Relieves the itching + swelling of bug bites
The antibacterial properties of Aloe Vera counteract the itch (for mosquitos it is actually their saliva that makes you so itchy), and helps to reduce the redness and swelling. Put a little bit of aloe gel on your bug bites as soon as you feel it (don’t scratch them!) and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you forget it’s even there!

Helps your skin + hair repair itself
Loaded with vitamins A, B, C, & E ~ aloe promotes rapid healing and tissue repair of the skin! Not just for sun burns, you can use aloe to help all types of wounds heal faster {like my puppy here, healing from neuter surgery! Note: the exterior is peeled off the one side so the gel is on his belly}

Endo puppy using aloe leaf LOTUSWEI flower essences

 DIY Aloe Vera Conditioner for smoother & stronger hair:

+ Juice from ½ lemon

+ ¼ cup Aloe Vera gel

+ 3-5 drops of essential oil depending on your hair type & smell preference
(i.e. almond oil for dry hair; rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth)
+ Shampoo & rinse your hair

+ Massage conditioner mixture into scalp and down through the ends of the hair

+ Leave in for at least 5 minutes

+ Rinse with cold water for extra shine!

What are your favorite ways to use Aloe Vera? Share with us in the comments below! 

Peace + petals,

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