September 17, 2015

 Last Friday, Taylor (our Beauty Revealer) and I visited the the Juby True in Arcadia. And let's just say, our experience was nothing short of blissful. The juice, the treats, the vibe, the service - all delightfully perfect. We stayed to the point where most places would hint about closing, but the staff was equally and genuinely interested in our presence. Thoughtful + passionate conversation with complete strangers is enough to make your day - it's something that sticks with you.

juby true lotuswei

With an organic cold-pressed juice in one hand and our Periscope-ing iPhone in the other, we had to document the experience + share with our followers. Yaya, the store manager, spoke about his experience with flower essences + other natural remedies he learned from his mother, the life-enhancing health benefits of juicing, and he even took us on a tour of the juicery! He told a heartfelt story about supporting a customer through a juice fast, who came in a week later glowing. If you missed the interview, be sure to connect with us on Periscope for next time!

juby true lotuswei

Genuine human connection is so important. We often get stuck in the automatic response of 'good, how about you?' when we're asked how our day is going, or we suppress telling a stranger that they look amazing. Let it out! Tell someone how your day is really going - good or bad, or that they look beautiful in their blouse! Your bravery + thoughtfulness will put a smile on their face and your open heart will create a ripple effect of positivity, kindness and honesty.

juby true lotuswei

That's what we loved so much about Yaya - we felt he'd been dropped down from another planet - super friendly, present, in tune and genuine, with a hint of magic. We  walked away feeling like we'd made a new friend. I do believe that part of the power of this place, besides delicious, organic juice, is the fact that Yaya is serving up the juice with extra care + joy.

juby true lotuswei

juby true lotuswei

Favorite Juice from Juby True :: Spicy Watermelon Cooler

Juby True Location :: 3912 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018

What is your favorite juice recipe? Did you know that you can add flower essences for an extra boost? We sure did. :)

Love + flower petals,

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