May 26, 2021

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • A desire to be more powerful
  • Wanting to speak your mind when it really counts
  • Longing to blast through obstacles and rise up
  • Fierceness that needs to be reckoned with
  • Intense change that requires you to show up more powerfully
  • Anticipation or sense of being called to be bigger/act as a leader
  • Desire to connect with other bold, like-minded people
  • Wanting to be more of you -- a wilder, stronger, freer version of you


If you’re attracted to Johnny Jump Up, there is a part of you that is ready to embody more power, vitality and energy in your subtle bodies, physical body and speech patterns. You are ready to make waves. Your body wants a challenge and may be ready to be seen to a greater capacity. Your energetic system is upgrading for a new flood of energy.

You may be experiencing intense challenges that are calling you into a bigger version of yourself, or to embody fiercer, stronger leadership qualities. You may find yourself drawn to other people who you consider to be bold or willing to be outrageous in a positive way that benefits people.



Activate: Outrageousness
Message: Be outrageous.

Johnny Jump Up (Viola Tricolor) looks like a sweet little flower, but it packs a punch. Its essence dissolves unworthiness, playing small and reluctance. It inspires our subtle bodies to open up the floodgates of energy. We can let go of the need to protect ourselves or hide.

Johnny Jump Up helps us be okay being seen more, but above all, to experience more of ourselves -- our strength, boldness, fierce directness. It opens us up to our crazy, messy wildness, allowing an experience of raw power and energy within ourselves.

It assists us to get more comfortable with our anger and subconscious patterning, because all of it -- when channeled properly -- infuses us with more power. It widens our container and expands our capacity to witness and experience more of our raw selves. As we let go of being afraid of certain aspects inside us, we’re inspired to say what’s on our minds, to be bold and speak up.

Johnny Jump Up dissolves stagnant routines and moves us to try something new in an effort to discover a new level of understanding. It catalyzes spontaneity and breaking patterns. We can better follow our inclinations without fear, hesitation or limited thinking.

We suddenly want to go a new route: Try something new and unexpected. Take a road less traveled. Do something different. Sprint instead of jog. Dance instead of yoga. Spice it up. Eat different foods. Explore and be curious. We can wear our best clothes every day and take risks. Instead of waiting for another day, we allow ourselves to experience more of ourselves and dive into extravagance without holding back.



Also referred to as Heartsease, this wild pansy has a variety of uses in herbalism and folk medicine ranging from inflammation to respiratory and skin imbalances. The flowers are edible and contain many antioxidants. According to Roman mythology, Cupid once shot his bow and arrow and missed, instead hitting this flower, converting it into a love potion.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Boldness; Outrageousness; Extravagance; Exploration & self-discovery

DISSOLVES: Unworthiness; Playing small; Reluctance; Hiding or avoidance


Love + flower petals,

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