How long do I take a flower essence for?

December 06, 2023

As with anything, the length of time one will take a particular flower essence will vary from person to person—but we wanted to put together some guidance to help you decide what length of time may be right for you!

Did you know?

The traditional way of working with flower essences is for at least 21 days. This is because that is usually the amount of time it takes to shift a pattern. Each of our 30ml flower elixir bottles will last you at least that long. If you’re taking it really often, it may last you three weeks. If you’re going slower, it might last you a month.

Consistency is key. 

There may be times you’ll find a remedy that you just want to stay on for six months or more because it’s really helping you work through things. Consistent use over a long period of time can be very helpful in uprooting deep-seated patterns and behaviors.

Just as 21 days is the optimum time period to change a habit, similarly with flower elixirs it takes about 3 to 4 weeks to experience a shift in awareness with a particular habit, or to see how the quality of the flower expresses itself in your psyche.

Listen to your body.

Everyone's body is different, which is amazing! There may be times when the full 21 days are not needed. Occasionally within several days the body is ready for a different elixir. When there is a neutral feeling about the flower — no attraction or aversion, then it’s likely that the flower is not needed anymore. Or, if you feel very drawn to another flower, you can combine the two (or more) elixirs during that time period.

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Sometimes flower elixirs are needed for longer periods of time. For example, after a car accident or surgery, flower elixirs are recommended for one to two months to release the effects of the cellular memory of the trauma and harmonize the body’s energy fields. For behavioral habits or mental and emotional patterns that developed during childhood, longer periods of time working with a particular flower elixir may be required to unravel the deeper levels of those patterns.

Changing habits of a lifetime.

One of my clients committed to taking the same flower elixirs for six months because she felt they were uprooting old patterns that were preventing her from giving and accepting more love. She said that her habits and patterns around love had imprinted themselves so early in her life—and repeated themselves so much over the course of her life—that she wanted to dedicate at least six months to working on that particular issue.

If we think about how long a particular habit or pattern has been engrained in our way of being, it gives us some insight into how long it may take to uproot that pattern. A habit we’ve developed over the course of our lives will take longer to unravel than one that has developed more recently. However, regardless of the time the pattern has been in existence, flower elixirs help us gain more awareness of it right away, so we can start consciously working with it.

A form of self-care.

Like any form of self-care, would we stop working out, doing yoga, practicing meditation, eating healthy food, getting massages, or (insert favorite method of self- care here) when they improve the quality of our lives and our well-being? Flower elixirs are not addictive, but people do like feeling that they are at their best all the time. Once people use flower elixirs regularly, they notice how much it takes the rough edge off of life and how much more stable their minds are. After experiencing higher levels of happiness and creativity, people usually want to keep that going, just like they do when they see the results of working out, meditation, and healthy eating.

Accelerate personal growth.

Beyond just feeling happy and healthy, people who want to accelerate personal growth, who are looking to gain insights into their behaviors or patterns and want to understand themselves better or improve their relationships—these people are even more motivated to continue using flower elixirs regularly. Those who value attaining their full potential usually feel a sense of urgency, that life is short, and they typically continue using flower elixirs to sharpen their focus and efforts in that direction.

Love + happy thoughts,