November 10, 2015


What does the word 'anoint' mean to you?

To me, the practice of anointing the body with precious botanical oils and essences of flowers + gems acts as a simple, and luxurious, reminder of the preciousness of our bodies - and in the bigger picture, our lives. By acknowledging and seeing our own bodies as sacred, we begin to see everything in our lives that way, transforming the mundane into the divine.

anointing oils LOTUSWEI flower essences

As the tool to make this transformative ritual of loving your body apart of your everyday, we created the LOTUSWEI Anointing Oils. Based in jojoba oil and infused with organic & wildcrafted essential oils, flower elixirs, and gem essences, these natural perfumes are completely free of harmful chemicals, phthalates and synthetic fragrances. Applied to the pulse points 5 times a day, these purse-sized roll-on perfumes work through the acupuncture meridians and are just as effected as our Flower Elixirs!

Wondering which Anointing Oil you need most right now? Look at the flowers in the quiz below to find out!Flower Question1

  1. Joy Juice :: You may feel heavy with responsibilities; African Daisy inspires fun and playfulness and makes you laugh more. The aromas of jasmine, sweet orange, davana + rosewood will instantly bring a warm smile to your face.
  2. Infinite Love :: You have a tendency to be hard on yourself; Hong Kong Orchid enhances self-love + appreciation, helps you be yourself & feel attractive. The exquisite bouquet of rose, mandarin + honey magnetizes love from all around.
  3. Radiant Energy :: You may be feeling fatigued, weak or vulnerable to colds - from toxic overload (from artificial fragrances, pesticides or other harmful chemicals), or you may tend to take on stress from other people. Pomegranate Flower helps energetically cleanse the body + mind, boosts the immune system and balances the reproductive system. Radiant Energy is infused with neroli, pinon, sandalwood + clary sage - the perfect balance of earth + spice.
  4. Inspired Action :: You have something on your to-do list that you don’t feel like doing; Red Bird of Paradise inspires motivation and drive to help you focus + get things done. With aromas of pink pepper, Jamaican bay + citrus, a splash of this on the wrist is perfect when in need of a little extra push of motivation.
  5. Quiet Mind :: You have lots of ideas, but sometimes it’s hard to turn it off (especially at night, when you want to sleep), Bird of Paradise dissolves over-thinking & quiets the mind for more clarity + focus. In addition to the transformative flower essences, the aromas of geranium, lemon + coriander help the body relax + take more breaks.
  6. Inner Peace :: When you have a lot going on, a lot on your plate or dealing with transition and change, Arctic Lupine induces deep peace, calm + a sense of support. The grounding aromas of lavender, cedar, vetiver + geranium also enhance a deep sense of comfort & centeredness in times of high-stress.

infinite love anointing oil LOTUSWEI flower essences

Already using these transformative Anointing Oils? Here is a ritual just for you:

Visualize the entire universe inside your body. As you're anointing yourself with precious botanical oils and elixirs of flowers + gems, you can visualize making offerings of endless fields of flowers, gems and delightful fragrances that awaken minds + make everyone happy.

As we visualize everyone, including ourselves, becoming happy and clear - it naturally shifts how we see the world in our everyday life, because we activate our broader awareness of all beings in the world and how we're all interconnected. What we wish for another, we wish for ourselves.

A simple act of self-care transforms into a profound prayer for humanity. 

Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI

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January 17, 2016

Hi there,

I really like your company and I’d lovd to try your products :) The shipping costs just are way too expensive to finland. Can you offer cheaper shipping alternatives?



January 18, 2016

Hi Laura! Thanks for your interest! You can try our partners in London: and Switzerland: ~ check them both out as they may carry different items. We’ll shoot you an email as well. ; )

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