{Redwood} Stability. Generosity. Self-Discipline.

July 31, 2019

Sequoia sempervirens
Activate:Divine masculine
Message:Stand firmly planted.

I collected the Redwood elixir in Northern California where they grow in quiet, majestic circles. Standing beneath the tallest trees on Earth, there is a sense of deep peace and comfort, an attunement to the knowingness that resides in these ancient keepers of wisdom.

Here’s a little Redwood inspiration:

Why It’s Special

Redwood trees - also known as California Redwood or Coastal Redwood - have been on Earth for about 240 million years, showing up shortly after the dinosaurs. They live, on average, for 1,200 - 1,800 years, with the oldest one on record being 2,200 years old!

The Redwood only lives in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., from Big Sur in California up to southern Oregon. It is one of only three sequoia species, the others being the Giant Sequoia which grows only in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California (and doesn’t get quite as tall as the Coastal Redwood, but is larger in diameter), and the Dawn Redwood, which grows to about a third of the height and is found only in a remote area of central China.

The tallest and oldest Redwoods are found in deep valleys within the mountains, where there are more streams and regular fog. The amount of fog is actually a direct influence on the growth of Redwoods - above the fog layer, they are shorter and smaller due to the drier and windier conditions!

They are also incredibly resilient, resistant to insect attack, fungal infection, and rot. Redwood bark grows to over a foot thick, and contains very little pitch or resin, protecting them from forest fires.

Redwood circle flower essence

What it Reveals

If you’re attracted to Redwood, you may be feeling as though you don’t belong or that there is a lack of support in your life. A sense of instability, overstimulation + overwhelm may be causing you to feel lost or like you don’t know in which direction to move. There might be a tendency towards immaturity - keeping your head in the clouds and not implementing the discipline necessary to make your dreams a reality.

You may also be dealing old father/masculine wounds regarding abandonment, not getting enough love and attention or feeling generally unsupported and disregarded. 

Redwood can also indicate disturbances in regards to physical balance - fears around or a tendency to fall, lack of coordination, unstable on the feet or even dreams of falling.

Redwood tree flower essence

What it Catalyzes

Redwood elixir helps us to feel at home no matter where we are. There is a sense of belonging and knowing that we are always supported - because we do belong and we are supported, by this beautiful Earth we call home and we can always access that unwavering stability. We allow ourselves to feel welcomed, looked out for, and completely accepted by those we trust.

Redwood elixir heals old father wounds, such as lack of support, abandonment, not enough attention from father in childhood or a father with harsh behaviors. Engendered with the warmth and stability of activating fatherly love within ourselves, we are able to ‘get our feet on the ground’ - find direction + embrace the discipline necessary to bring our dreams into reality.

Much like a loving + supportive father encourages his child to go and explore the world, Redwood encourages us to move confidently in the direction of our dreams. And when we fall and scrape a knee, we are gently encouraged - with a helping hand - to get back up and keep moving, knowing that we are supported. This in turn enhances our ability to teach others through love, patience, caring and generosity.

Redwood Tree flower elixir

Just as Redwoods hold the ancient knowledge of being on Earth for millions of years, the elixir reminds us of the wisdom of our elders, the wisdom of community and the wisdom inherent within each of us.

Miscellaneous: For those whose fathers have recently died.

In Essence

{Magnifies}: Patience. Stability. Generosity. Discipline. Divine masculine. Getting our feet on the ground.

{Dissolves}: Feeling unsupported, lost, overwhelmed. Unbalanced. Old father wounds. Abandonment. Immaturity. Lack of direction.

Ready to stand firmly planted?
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Love + flower petals, 

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