September 18, 2017


Vicia cracca
Activate: Dreaminess
Message: You are magic.
I was traveling throughout Iceland; we were headed to a secret hot spring that only locals know about.

Iceland hot springs Katie Hess LOTUSWEI flower essences

We drove around, wandered by foot, drove around some more, asked some horses which way to go, until we finally knocked on a farmer’s door to get the scoop. After a quick stop to eat a few handfuls of wild blueberries, we found the hot spring.

Iceland hot springs water fall LOTUSWEI flower essencesIceland Katie looking for icelandic vicia flower essence LOTUSWEI flower essences

Or rather, first we found the huge waterfall; then we saw the hot spring. A silent place with nothing but mossy + grassy expanses, the glacier river passed through the area, rushing down the huge rocks, carving out the canyon below. At the top of the waterfall was the hot spring. The Icelandic veterans would sit in the hot spring, get really hot and then dip in the rushing river, placing their belly on the riverbed, pushing themselves down + up in the icy water before it tumbled over the side of the rocks.

Right next to the hot spring and waterfall was a huge patch of Icelandic Vicia. Growing all across the hillside, its tendrils reached out in all directions and the flowers grew about two feet tall.

Iceland vicia flower essence Katie Hess LOTUSWEI flower essences

You could lie down inside the plants and look up through the light purple blossoms at the sky.

Iceland vicia flower essence Katie Hess LOTUSWEI flower essences

We took a moment to lie among the Vicia flowers for an exquisite rest. All of the tension I didn't even know I was holding, instantly melted and dissolved in the presence of these pretty purple blossoms.

Iceland vicia LOTUSWEI flower essence LOTUSWEI flower essences

Why it’s Special

A flower native to Europe and Asia, Vicia enriches the soil. It has nitrogen-fixing properties and it curbs erosion. Also known as Tufted Vetch, the Icelandic Vicia is in the pea family, and like peas, it has tendrils that reach out up to six feet long, with a taproot that can grow up to three feet long into the ground. The flowers are light purple, growing together in a tuft at the top of the vine.

Beyond what it does for the soil and the Earth, the reason it is so special is the way it makes you feel. Lying in a field of Icelandic Vicia is one of the most relaxing + magical experiences.It lulls you into the most delicious state of relaxation, encouraging you to rest + perceive everything around you through a dreamy lens.

Iceland vicia LOTUSWEI flower essence

What it Reveals

If you find yourself attracted to the Icelandic Vicia flower, you may be craving one of the following: deep rest, the ability to do nothing + just be, freedom of expression or a sense of magic! You are likely experiencing the subtle tensions of a busy lifestyle, and what you most need is a break.Not just any break, but one in which you are free to be fully yourself, let down your guard and let it all hang out.

Iceland vicia LOTUSWEI flower essence

What the Elixir Catalyzes

Just as the Icelandic Vicia flower is nourishing to the Earth, the flower elixir is nourishing to our bodies + hearts. It releases tension, worry and the most subtle strains within our nervous systems - typically from our go-go-go mentality and lifestyles. It softens any kind of resistance we have to anything in our lives, dissolving places within us that are closed off, closed-minded, hard or uptight.Anything we are holding onto, like deep repressed emotions or when we feel verklempt, we can finally release the emotional tension + experience a sense of relief.

Icelandic Vicia flower helps us feel nourished, loved + free, with the ability to deeply relax and just BE. We perceive the world around us as spacious, magical + dreamy.We appreciate all the complexity of detail + delicacy in our environments vs. feeling rough, or like a bull in a china shop, due to our bodies feeling clumsy with tension.

Iceland vicia LOTUSWEI flower essence

Shyness disappears, helping us let loose, be vulnerable and bare all - in an empowering and easeful way. Our ability to see magical qualities that reside within us is heightened. Our sensuality is liberated. We experience a freedom of expression that is enlivening.

Miscellaneous notes: This elixir is can be very helpful for musicians, comedians, dancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, pregnant women or anyone looking to dissolve or reduce resistance of any kind~ opening up oneself to one's greatest capacity for freedom of expression, creativity and fully being oneself in the most unique and magical way possible. 

In Essence

{Magnifies}: Ability to rest and be; sense of freedom and openness; desire to let loose + embrace magic

{Dissolves}: Worry + go-go-go tension; feeling closed off or hardened; any kind of resistance to life

Revel in the present moment + experience your own magic with Icelandic Vicia Flower Elixir!

Love + flower petals, Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI