May 26, 2020


One of our most popular questions is:

"Can I take more than one flower elixir -- or mist, serum, anointing oil -- at a time?"

Yes! Taking more than one blend at once is totally okay. Flower essences work together synergistically to target your current state of being from many directions. However, if you want to pinpoint the results from a particular flower elixir, you may want to only take one at a time, because it is easier to track the results specific to that blend. Or, commit to using one elixir at least five times daily, and add other mists, oils, etc. to your routine as needed.

A couple of different things to keep in mind:

  • If you're wanting to pinpoint specific effects, it can be easier to focus on just one flower or product at a time
  • Many use the combination formulas from our Feel Good Collection to maintain a kind of baseline, while using the single essence elixirs to deepen insights + growth in particular areas. 
  • When a single elixir brings up certain aspects, it can be really helpful to support with the combination elixirs. For instance, when we were taking Gardenia elixir in the Flowerevolution program, a number of people were using Infinite Love alongside, helping to soften the edges of embracing all parts of oneself.

Above all, we are strong believers in your powers of intuition. If you're drawn to something, try it!

If you want to dive a little bit deeper into this topic, read this post.

Happy thoughts + flower petals,