January 24, 2014

LOTUSWEI is growing and looking for a new team member! With an inspiring culture built around transformative flower remedies that enhance people’s lives, we are looking for someone who can implement a range of projects within our fast-paced environment.

Specifically, this new LOTUSWEI team member will be responsible for:

+ Marketing admin (assemble provided graphics & copy into email marketing software, daily social media posting & monitoring, manage guest bloggers & assemble written interviews, assemble faq, upload/schedule blog posts with provided content & graphics)

+ Project Support (tactical support for new product launches, planning for trade shows/ spa events, promotions, communications with wholesalers & customers, subscription programs, e-courses, live-stream meditation classes)

+ Customer Support (Our customers are always happy! General questions from online customers and wholesalers/spas, sending thank you notes, facilitate getting samples to prospects/bloggers/press & follow up)

+ General Admin (phone calls, email correspondence, online research, refine/add to customer database, coordinate trainings & meetings)

+ Executive Support (generally supporting owner, Katie)

We are looking for someone who has initiative, good communication skills, attention to detail, and who is a go-getter, independent – yet a team player, flexible, open to a huge range of tasks (we’re a startup!), super organized, able to see the big picture, but focused on implementation, and passionate about making a difference in the world. We are going places. Grow with us …

This position is a full-time position. Position will start Feb 17th. Salary commensurate with experience. Please send an email with your resume, 3 paragraphs telling us about yourself and why you would like to work at LOTUSWEI, and your favorite flower & three words to describe it (exclude words like colors or ‘fragrant’): connect@lotuswei.com. To learn more about us, check out our website.

For printable pdf: lotuswei is hiring!

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India Part 2 :: Bodhgaya

January 20, 2014

gold leaf & flower offerings

gold leaf & flower offerings

After the most exquisite wedding I’d ever seen and a few bites of wedding cake, we whisked ourselves away to the Delhi airport to catch a small plane.

To my delight the flight attendants of Indian airlines all wore beautiful saris & served chai tea! We were on our way to one of my favorite places in the world: Bodhgaya.

As we landed, the vegetation at the edges of the runway was lush and green and everything seemed to sparkle.

We got our luggage and stepped out into the sunshine – we spied our friend Mohammad. We hadn’t seen him in 10 years! He looked older and wiser.

Mohammad, now married, with 2 beautiful children

Mohammad, now married, with 2 beautiful children

The young man with him piled our suitcases into the SUV and we jumped on the road into the main town, riding alongside other cars, rickshaws, bicycles and pedestrians.

I looked out the windows, the sunshine beaming on a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes & motion.

Everything looked so new and fresh since the last time I’d been in 2003, when I came for a week-long Kalachakra ceremony, led by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

We drove until we reached the dirt roads of the town. We piled out of the car. Mohammad and the young man carried our heavy suitcases down the dusty road to Mohammad’s newly built guesthouse.

Familiar smells wafted their way toward me – a blend of spicy wood fire smoke, cow manure and sweet incense.

children playing

children playing

I had forgotten that this world is devoid of the sterile cushion that exists in the U.S. – between you and that more visceral sense of real living – children with bare feet playing and smiling, women washing dishes or hanging clothes alongside the goats, chicken, pigs and stray dogs.

Here you cannot get lost in your own thought, your own tiny mental world, when a big wide world full of beauty and aliveness exists all around you.

Mohammad's son, Nihal

Mohammad’s son, Nihal

The guesthouse was a quiet refuge from the busy-ness outside. This was a new guesthouse Mohammad built – his second one – and each room has its own bathroom with a shower (wow!). A window next to the beds let in soft sounds of children playing in the streets, and chicken clucking in the yard next door.

mohammad's restaurant sign

Mohammad’s restaurant sign

Ten years ago Mohammad had a restaurant made by hand with mud walls & mud floors. Every year they re-built the restaurant for busy season, and Mohammad employed many men from the community. His menu was an eclectic range of Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan food. He even made banana pancakes & chocolate pies.

Now Mohammad’s Restaurant was a permanent cement structure with a water purifier (!) and even wifi. How times change … Now Mohammad of course has a cell phone (or two).

m & 2 cell phones

The last time I was in Bodhgaya I lived there for a month – this time we only stayed three days. We cherished our time: with our friends and family, walking around the town, exploring and re-discovering, and spending time at the stupa.

Mahabodhi Stupa

Mahabodhi Stupa

The stupa is a gorgeous structure built in the place where Sakyamuni attained enlightenment over 2500 years ago. After leaving his kingdom (he was a prince), he studied with many meditation masters and practiced in solitary retreat until he became enlightened under the Bodhi tree. Descendants of this original Bodhi tree stretch their arms across the courtyards under the stupa, offering shade and support to meditators.

Bodhi Tree

monks under the Bodhi Tree

Imagine a place where millions of people come from all over the world to quietly make prayers and wishes – imagine the kind of positive energy that charges the air and ground in that place!



The first day we visited the stupa we napped at the base of a gorgeous statue, curling up on the large warm bricks. We snoozed in that dreamy way, like falling asleep on your mother’s lap as a child … until we awoke to dogs licking our ears.

There are many stray dogs that wander into the stupa grounds. I’m always a bit wary of stray dogs in India … these three caramel-colored dogs were tentative and sweet. We patted them before they sprung off.

monks & dog

monks & dog

monks doing prostrations

monks doing prostrations

On our last day in Bodhgaya we returned to the stupa to make an essence of the Bodhi tree – we sat in meditation with the monks and nuns and watched the essence infusing in the sunlight.

a bodhi leaf

a bodhi leaf

The Bodhi tree essence is amazing. It enhances love – an overwhelming love that pacifies negative emotions. It helps us cut through fears and anxiety, and experience unwavering peacefulness, all-encompassing love, open-heartedness and tenderness. It also magnifies patience and the ability to accept others as they are.

Leave a comment below if you’d be interested in a limited edition bottle of Bodhi tree elixir.

Here are some more photos I wanted to share with you …



gorgeous stupas

gorgeous stupas

nun doing her meditation practice

nun doing her meditation practice

Maya, mother of Shakyamuni

Maya, mother of Shakyamuni

beautiful bodhi tree roots

beautiful bodhi tree roots

Sakyamuni feet with water lily offerings

Sakyamuni feet

gorgeous nun meditating

nun meditating

luscious bodhi tree reaching over practitioners

luscious bodhi tree offering shade to practitioners

Buddha (enlightened being) statue

Buddha (enlightened being) statue

May whoever sees this ...

May whoever sees this …

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It’s that time of year again to celebrate love, peace + joy with those around us! In the spirit of the season we are showcasing three limited edition products just for you:

First, a Holiday Flower Essence Kit – to enhance Love, Peace + Joy at your holiday celebrations. Use on yourself + share with loved ones – or give as a gift.


LOVE, PEACE & JOY :: Holiday Flower Essence Kit

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Pocket-sized stress-relief perfume sample for peace & ease.
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Glass Tea Infuser + Holiday Cactus Elixir

Take your loose leaf hot teas to go! This elegant glass tea infuser has a strainer underneath the gorgeous wooden top to hold your loose leaf teas. It’s never too hot to touch with the two layers of glass. It comes with a Holiday Cactus Elixir! Drop 5-10 drops into every tea infusion you make + enjoy the effects.

Limited Quantity


Holiday Cactus Flower Elixir

Holiday Cactus Flower Elixir, 30 ml, honey elixir
Holiday Cactus flower (aka Christmas Cactus or December Cactus) is a stunningly gorgeous cactus flower that comes from a 100-year-old plant! This elixir helps you let go of the daily grind and distractions long enough to ask the bigger questions about what’s truly meaningful to you. Instead of doing things mindlessly or on autopilot, you gain a deeper understanding of the effects of your actions on others. It helps you clarify the legacy you’re creating, and what you’ll pass down to future generations. Perfect for reflecting on 2013 + planning for 2014.

Limited Quantity

More info here.

AND – we’re offering a site-wide savings of 20% off from Wednesday November 27th- Wednesday December 4th with code: LOVE. Thank you for spreading the flower power! 

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Divine Pumpkin Soak Meditation

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! So grateful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving! So grateful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to share the meditation practice that I did this morning – I know you’ll love it!

It’s a very simple + powerful meditation combined with a fun bathtime ritual.

Salts, spices, pumpkin + pure energy serum

Salts, spices, pumpkin + pure energy serum

Most likely you’ll have some of these ingredients at home already:

- Pumpkin puree, one can, scooped out into a bowl

- Your favorite yummy spices from the kitchen

(I used roughly 2 Tb. cinnamon, 1 Tb. clove + 1 Tb. ginger; other good ones are nutmeg, allspice)

- Pile of salt – epsom salts or sea salt (I used about 2 cups)

Bath Ritual 

In your favorite beautiful bowl, mix together the pile of salt with your favorite yummy spices. Run a hot bath + put your supplies next to the tub: bowl of salt + spices, bowl of pumpkin.

Optional: before you get into the tub, strip down + give yourself a quick massage with Pure Energy Serum – apply the oil starting from the calves + working your way up to thighs, belly, back, heart, shoulders, arms + face. This oil shields you from taking on others’ stress, jumpstarts your circulation, warms the body, boosts the immune system + balances hormones. 

Gently step into the hot water + get settled. Pour salts + spices into the bath, swishing  around the salts until they dissolve. Apply a mask of pure pumpkin to your face – pumpkin is soooo nourishing + feels so lovely! (Super hydrating, with enzymes that cleanse the skin + vitamins that feed the skin.)

Whatever pumpkin is left, add it to the bath water. Sink yourself into the most comfortable position + begin the meditation.


Start by thinking about all the people who have been kind to you at any point in your entire lifetime … your mother who carried you in her belly, family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, pets, teachers + strangers who have shown you kindness, no matter how big or small. Spend a few minutes reflecting … all the kindnesses people have shown you in the last week, years, decades.

If, during this time you think of someone who has been unkind to you, thank them for teaching you, i.e., thank you for teaching me confidence, fierceness, fearlessness, how to set boundaries, the power of jealousy, how to forgive. Thank you for teaching me that my anger can be clarifying, for teaching me about myself, about human nature …

Then reflect on all the kindnesses you have shown others in your lifetime … the children you’ve shown love to, the smile you gave someone, when you cared for your grandmother, or were present with someone when they were born or when they passed. All the times you fed or walked pets, meals you have made for others, a connection you made, any simple or incredible kindness you can think of. Rejoice in the many instances that you have shown kindness to others no matter how small or vast. Revel in this feeling of love + kindness.

Then reflect on the kindnesses of complete strangers: the people who made your clothes, those who delivered your packages, who grew + harvested the food you eat, who designed + assembled your car so it would be safe …

When tears spring to your eyes or you feel overwhelmed with gratitude, rest in that space for a minute – do this by letting go of generating more thoughts – just focus on how your body feels in the warm bath, put your attention on the aroma of the spices + pumpkin, focus on how it feels to be breathing in + out. If thoughts jump in your mind, just keep coming back to the smell of spices + pumpkin + how heavy + warm your body is. Do this until your breathing slows + your mind is as still as the hot water you’re soaking in.

Whenever you’re ready, seal your experience by dedicating your meditation to all beings who are connected to you, known + unknown. Dedicate the salts to purifying any negativities + dissolving any suffering any of those beings experience. Dedicate the spices to waking up their brilliance, unique genius, perfection + special qualities. Dedicate the pumpkin to nourishing all the beings who have shown you kindness + taught you about life.

Dedicate the same for yourself – the salt dissolves any confusion, the spices wake up your brilliance, the pumpkin nourishes you … that magnificence ripples out to the vast web of all beings who have been connected to you at any time in your life. You see that all of the beings you are connected to are free from any attachment or negative emotions: they are deeply peaceful, vibrant + happy.

When you get out of the bath, if there’s a ring of spices around the tub, you can view it as any last little residual discomfort (yourself or others) that you can wash it down the drain with the spices (it makes cleaning the tub enjoyable + meaningful). 

This practice can be done anytime! You’ll be surprised how powerful this practice is. And at how others feel you reflecting on them with gratitude. You may get unexpected calls or get showered with unexpected love. It’s so wonderful to experience + spread the  loving-kindness that connects us all!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Divine Orange Soak

Divine Orange Soak

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The Magic of India

November 26, 2013

Last month I was in India,  Japan + Singapore - I thought I’d share with you a little about my adventures.

The first stop: New Delhi, India, for the Global Spa & Wellness Summit.

After 33 hours of travel we arrived to the Delhi airport to find that our luggage had not arrived; our suitcases with everything we needed for the next three weeks were still in Singapore!

Lost Luggage Counter

Lost Luggage Counter

So after filling out paperwork at the baggage desk, we wondered if we would see it again. It’s India after all, which means adventure + unexpected surprises. India is a magical place. Anything, literally anything can happen in India.

We arrived to our hotel at dawn and our hotel, The Trident, was totally unlike any of my other experiences in India. Supremely quiet, with subtle sweet incense burning everywhere, glass-like pools of water, blooming frangipani trees … the perfect place to land after such long flights + no luggage. (Luckily, our luggage got delivered to us around midnight that night!)

A swim in the pool revitalized my jet-lagged bones, a ritual that I would indulge in everyday – wake up with a refreshing swim in the silky water with a poolside meditation, flocks of birds flying overhead + the pool reflecting
the morning sky.

swim + meditation spot

My swimming + morning meditation spot

I spent the first six days in here Delhi for the conference, then traveled with Lisa to spend some time in Bodhgaya + Varanasi. We moved seamlessly from five-star hotels to dirt roads + chickens outside our windows.

Some of the highlights:

A Diwali-like festival at the Taj Hotel with traditional Indian food, decadent rose petal ice cream, live Rajastani music,  exquisite arrays of rose + marigold flower offerings, huge firework displays in the night sky + Bollywood dancing. All of us women wore saris + the men wore long shirts called kurtas.

Sparklers in Saris

Sparklers in Saris

I love wearing a sari – 6 meters of layered velvety fabric with sparkling jewels or patterns – it makes you feel very graceful + elegant. It’s one of the most beautiful + classy ways for a woman to dress. The secret to keep it from falling around your ankles is the tight-waisted “petticoat” underneath, a simple cotton draw-string underskirt that you tuck all the folds of fabric into. Add a pair of gold flip-flops + sparkling bangles around your wrists and you’re set.

Flower Offerings

Flower Offerings

At the end of the night I kicked of my shoes + danced until my legs ached. I couldn’t remember the last time I danced like that, shaking off all inhibitions + letting completely loose, laughing + enjoying friends.

On the third day of the conference, His Holiness the Dalai Lama came to talk. His words woke up insight, joy + compassion in everyone present, but it seemed less about the words + more about the immense energy that blasted the room – that is his presence. I could feel it moving through my legs as I sat quietly. His effect on the crowd is tangible – everyone smiling, laughing, tearing up.

HHDL with Bonnie (1)

His Holiness with my friend Bonnie

When he finished his talk we snuck out to the hall in order to meet him on his way out + to offer a khata. A khata is a white silk offering scarf – it signifies offering your pure body, speech + mind. Usually it’s placed back around your shoulders, signifying being given back your enlightened body, speech + mind.

Khata offering (1)

The Khata

In a whirlwind His Holiness walked by, surrounded by body guards; he took the khata I held out + placed it back on my shoulders. As he walked by friends of mine he did the same or touched them affectionately on the cheek. We stood + watched silently as he walked down the hallway – it was as if time stopped + hung suspended in the air – tears came to my eyes, watching people swirling all around him, this sweet-looking simple monk in robes, his presence as big as a football stadium, blasting everyone with love in the most gentle way.

Bonnie's Wedding

Flower Shower

When the conference ended we were invited to a friend’s intimate wedding - they’re from NY, but decided on a whim to get married in India, Indian-style. The hotel set up an incredible traditional wedding with piles of flower petals - part of the tradition is to shower the bride + groom with petals. It was so intimate – with only about 6 guests + the hotel staff. I’ve never cried at a wedding before, but something about this one got me choked up. The rituals were so touching + I was filled with love + wishes for the couple.

Stay tuned for more travel adventures throughout Singapore + Japan … and part 2 of India

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