February 3, 2013

I invited Dominique to Phoenix to write a poem for you. I picked her up from the airport one morning and brought her to our offices. I talked about flowers, nature, our work, and how we wish to benefit the whole world … and then she sat down with her iPad and wrote. And wrote. And wrote. A poem. Right there and then. Just like that. After lunch she performed. And we wept, standing there listening, letting her voice wash over us, brushing tears off of our cheeks. Even David, the photographer, held his breath watching her in action – it took his breath away. Dominique recited the poem several times so we could get a beautiful video of it for you. Each time we stood frozen, unable to move, until she said the last word. Each time she read the poem, I heard something in a different way, a whole new vast meaning to the same sounds.

This video is a love letter for you. For your heart. Your innermost essence and being. A love poem for you. You are a perfect flower. Bloom, baby bloom!

i am learning how to be a flower, Dominque Ashaheed :: poet, teacher, mama, international women’s slam poetry champion 2012, national slam poetry champion 2012; video credits: David Mills; photo credits: Lisa Reinhardt.

AUTHOR: Katie CATEGORIES: adoration



Thank you for this gift! I loved this so much and was not familiar with Dominique Ashaheed. I so value the introduction!


River Chen

It’s a great gift! Thank you all!



Amazing and inspirational.. truly a gifted woman.


Jen Cushman

This is an incredibly moving post. Your words are beautiful. That you brought her to your office just for the love of it and to share something so beautiful with your customers touches and moves me. Thank you for making it a reality and thank Dominique for her beautiful gift of poetry and spoken word.



Thank you, Jen! Isn’t she amazing?! ; )


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